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85 Chevy C10 cranks but wont start theres power going into the distributor no power coming out you replaced the pickup coil ignition coil the soleniod still wont start?


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2006-03-05 05:46:16
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replace module, rotor button and dist. cap


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located in the distributor itself, follow wires coming from coil to distributor

Yes, it should be located towards the back of the block, and can be identified by the ignition wires coming off of the distributor cap.

your coil's got a posative and a negative... Positive is Ignition hot and the negative connects to the distributor

its happened to mechanic says it was the ignition switch of my car....had it replaced for $300

Why is gasoline coming out of the ignition switch?

It is in the distributor, pull off the cap and it is held in with 2 screws and has 2 wires coming off of it.

It is mounted on the left rear top side of the intake. It will have a plug wire coming out of it and going to the distributor cap.

Check the hot wire coming from the distributor and coil to make sure it is not going to ground

Check all the wire coming out of the ignition switch, make sure that theres no bare wire or shortage between them or to the body..If wires are ok, your ignition switch needs to be replaced.. the switch doesn't turn with the cylinder..

Is it possible you have a bad coil? It might need to be replaced. Is the wire from the coil to the distributor OK? Check and double check it to be sure. Has the electronic ignition fried? If you have power going in and no power coming out, I would guess, yes. A power surge will ruin these things. Check all the plug wires.

Check fuses and relays. If you have power coming from the ignition switch but not getting to the starter there might be a bad fuse or relay or wire. Also make sure you have the wiring correct to the starter since you just replaced it.

I had this camaro sent to a Chevy dealer to be repaird. They said they replaced the ignition switch. I found out that they replaced the ORANGE wire coming from the ignition to the CCM. That's the orange wire that has 2 wires inside the 1 orange wire.

If the sensor is bad I believe a check engine code will be stored. But if the distributor is chirping there will not be a code. You will hear a chirping sound like a loose belt coming from the drivers side of the engine near the air intake. The camshaft sensor and it's distributor are under the intake, where the ignition distributor used to be. If it is chirping you should replace it (the dist. the sensor is ok) or have it replaced. The gear that drives it also drives the oil pump. If it fails you loose the oil pump as well and there goes your engine.

On top of the distributor. The thing with all the plug wires coming out of it.

could be the ignition switch just went through that crap with a 92 ram

Hydraulic lifters are nonadjustable. Chances are the noise is coming from play in rocker arm, or ignition out of time. If you are sure it is the lifter, then it must be replaced.

get a testlight ground it to the battery and turn the switch on and check the hotwire coming out of the module Also if you can remove it from the distributor you can take it to a good auto parts store and they can bench test it for you.

A vacuum leak nearby. Distributor shaft & bushings are worn and the rotor is clipping the distributor cap inside. Spark arking inside cap.

check your ignition coil, if it's not coming out of there you need to look into a new ignition coil , check ignition circuit next

check the ignition coil make sure theres power going to it ,and coming out of it. check the ground conection.

The spark travels from the coil to the distributor then from the distributor to the plugs. So if you have spark going into the distributor but not coming out to the plugs, I would blame the distributor cap and rotor being at fault.

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