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If you have never changed your Oxygen sensor, this is most likely the cause of the problem; the symptoms you describe are attributbale to a failing or dead Oxygen sensor. I assume the car has recently been tuned (including a new fuel filter) and the problem persists. Cheers Malcolm Hi Malcolm. Thanks for the tip. I changed the oxygen sensor and it has improved somewhat, but did not quite fixed the problem. It appears that idling is irratic when I'm at a stop light. So far, though, after the oxygen sensor change, engine hasn't stalled. It appears that this problem is pronounced when the engine has warmed up. I purchased a fuel filter and will replace it, but am not confident that it will fix the problem. Any other thoughts are welcome. Thanks. Harukim It turns out that the ignition wire was bad. I replaced the ignition wire and my car is running fine now. It appears that it's been running on 3 cylinders(no 4th). Thanks everyone.

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Q: 87 323 sw stalls at idle and hesitates during acceleration and in gear idle is irratic at stoplight.In park or neutral engine runs rough in lower rpm but fine in higher rpm. Fuel filter or pump or MAF?
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