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87 yota 4runner 4cyl 5spd no 3 fuel injector wont spray fuel sometimes you've already tried replacing the injectors it sounds like an electrical problem you wonder if anyone else has had this problem?

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October 25, 2007 8:14PM

Could be a number of things. First, use a long wooden or metal rod, maybe an extra long screwdriver, and place it against the injector with the engine running. You should be able to hear a clicking noise telling you that the injector is trying to work. If you hear the clicking, the check your plugs and wires. If you don't, recheck the injector. If you do not hear the clicking, pull the wiring cap off the injector and check with a test meter for voltage while cranking or running the engine. I have had several that had broken or burned wires in the injector circuit or loose or bad fitting wiring caps, especially prior to 1989. Try switching #1 or #2 wire cap onto the #3 injector and see what happens. If #3 starts firing and #1 stops firing, the problem is in the wiring harness. By the way, all of the injectors on a 22re pulse at the same time on both exhaust and compression stroke so switching them won't cause any problems or damage. Even though they all inject at the same time, they are on 2 circuits. #1 and #3 on one circuit and #2 and #4 on the other. Hope this helps