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If you chech your air filter and there is an oily film, then you have blow by...which is caused by back compression of a bad piston / if there is no oil there, then you are burning some engine oil, caused by the piston rings failing slightly under pressure. There are additives that can help, but eventually you will have to have the engine torn down and the rings replaced. answer more likely to have bad valve stem seals this allows oil to run down valve stems and into combustion chamber wich then goes into exhaust this will only get worse as more oil leaks .this is not a big job to fix, if you have the right tools find a mechanic that has correct tool to hold valve without removing the head

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โˆ™ 2007-02-15 15:05:27
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Q: 88 406sb Pontiac trans am gta after the engine is warmed up and i get into the higher rpms it lets out bluish white smoke and smells kind of like fresh oil do you have an idea of what this might be?
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