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The engine RPM's increasing like that sounds like a slipping clutch. If that's the case, either the clutch is worn thin or the engine is leaking oil from the rear main seal onto the clutch. As for smelling gasoline, it's possible that there is a fuel leak somewhere. On the other hand, you might be smelling burned clutch material from the slipping. It sounds like you need someone knowledgable who can be trusted to drive your car around the block to help figure it all out with you.


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the transmission is slipping

Fault with the clutch probably.

if this is a standard , it probably as a bad clutch ..... they tend to slip in high gear or higher speeds first which causes over reving

because someone probably turned the engine on

i personally am experiencing this problem right now.... the car was diagnosed as having a problem with the engine coolant sensor- i ordered and picked up the part and am trying to replace it now

It will if you are free reving the engine with out it being in gear. If you are driving it hard down the road and it is kicking in then you may need to have the engine scanned with an OBDII engine scanner and make sure you don't have a problem in the system.

worn belt or your clutches need to be rebuilt

Most likely revving due to a dirty/clogged air filter.

park it in the garage until you work out what problem you have

It is the rev limiter which protects your engine from over reving. While driving you can rev as much as you want. I never red line though and dont recommend it. You can remove it with a power programmer which can cost $$$$.

If its a motor knock it will do that while sitting/reving engine not just driving. If it's only while driving try different things to check it out. Does it do it over bumps?(parking lot speed bumps are a good test track) Maybe only when cornering? Try pushing up & down on the truck while its sitting and see if it does it. Does it shake also?

The antipollution filter on a 207 peugeot comes as an indicator that the car has to be cleaned by reving it.

It has a lot to do with the fact that the heat provided when you turn the heater on comes from the engine. the faster your engine is reving the more heat you'll get. Next time try putting the car in neutral and revving the engine. that should get you some more heat.

how do you fix constant reving on a ford transit 2003

Slipping, over reving, sounds like rocks in the trans.

throttle plate stuck, accelerator cable binding, vacuum leak, tps malfunctioning.

its called a rev limiter. It keeps the engine from over reving and breaking.

Assuming you have an automatic, suspect low trans fluid level. If it is a standard, the clutch is slipping.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Hard" but if it's reving high adjust your idiling screw.

The anti-pollution fault appears in peugeot 207 because it implies that the car has to be cleaned by reving it.

Perhaps throttle plate is stuck open. try to "free " with a screwdriver or perhaps a vacuum leak

rev limiter, engine will sputter when it hits this limit to keep engine from over reving

I, like many other people, am having the same issue. Come to find out - it's a faulty oil pressure relief valve. The valves get stuck in the open position, allowing the pressure to read normal while driving or reving, but losing pressure when stopped at idle.

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