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88 Cutlass Ciera electric fan won't turn on at all what could be the cause?

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βˆ™ 2007-05-10 20:32:27

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Motor is probably burnt out

2007-05-10 20:32:27
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91 olds cutlass ciera heats up too much with AC or Heat on why Problem just started?

If the car is over heating then it could be that the electric cooling fan motor is not working so the fan can

Why might the rear window defogger not work on a '94 Cutlass Ciera?

It could be a fuse, check the fuse panel. It could also be a short in the window wire or a short on the way to the window wire.

What could be the problem if I did a tune up but still runs rough on a oldsmoile cutlass ciera 92 3.3?

Have the timing checked. Actually, do yourself a favor and have a full diagnostic done.

What causes an 94 Cutlass Ciera to keep from pumping fuel other than the fuel pump?

The fuel filter could be clogged, screen in tank blocked, leak in fuel line.

Your 94 cutlass ciera bogs down when accelerated what could this be?

mass air flow sensor clean it with Qd electronic cleaner worked for me had he same problem with a 93 cutlassciera. runs great now

Your car is 1991 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera 3.3l fi ohv and it stopped runnig with no worning just shut off when you were driving it it getting gas its just turns over?

This could be ecm (electronic control module) problem.

Could a bad thermostat cause water to get in the oil in a 94 cutlass supreme 3.1?

nope, bad head gasket..

What would cause a 94 olds cutlass 3.1 engine to flood?

Flooding in a 1994 3.1 liter Cutlass engine could be from a faulty fuel pump. The spark plugs may also be fouled.

What is the tire size for a 1993 Oldsmobile cutlass cierra sl?

I have the Cutlass Ciera S, which takes tire sizes 195 75 R14 or 185 75 R14 - which I've heard has been discontinued You could call your local Oldsmobile Dealer and ask them for specific recommendations, some of the Ciera's have R16 sizes instead , (rim size)

What would cause a 89 olds ciera to lose power when accelerating or car will not drive a hill car quits?

if its bogging down it could be catalic converter

Where is the turn signal switch located on a 1987 Cutlass Ciera?

it is under the dash below the steering wheel you have to remove the steering wheel to replace it I have a manual that walks you threw this if you like I could send you the steps via email my email is

1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera It will start up then after 5 seconds the engine dies What could be the problem?

possible ignition modual, what is your fuel presure, does car restart immediatly or after it sits for a while Possibly clogged fuel filter, or bad fuel pump.

Why would the air conditioning blow but not get cold on a 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera?

Low freon, bad compressor, bad clutch, bad pressure switch (could be multiple of these), bad switch...the list goes on. Best bet is to take it to a mechanic for a diagnosis.

Why won't the interior lights go off in 1995 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera?

Sometimes the instrument panel dimmer switch also has another "detent" that turns on the interior lights without one opening one of the doors. The other thing that could have happened is that one of the door switches may have a loose wire, which would "open" the switch and cause the lights to stay on.

Will faulty alternator cause serpentine belt to melt on pulley in a 1992 cutlass ciera station wagon?

If I am understanding correctly, it sounds like a pulley may be bound up. Thereby causing the belt to rub and make alot of friction thus causing melting. It could be any pulley in the serpentine system. Remove the belt and feel all pulleys for any play.

What could cause someone to go into electric shock?

Something that would cause someone to get into electric shock is getting struck by lightning! Also touching a power socket and getting shocked!

Why would a 1990 Cutlass Ciera 33 start when cold then die when gas is applied?

That sounds like a transmission problem, it could be a gasket but possibly more work. You might be looking at around $250 of work but sounds like that's all that needs to be done.

How do you fix rough idle in 1994 cutlass ciera?

Rough idle could bea lot of things. I will tell you the basic things that cause it. -Vacuum Leak -Not Enough or too much fuel or air caused by many things. Timing incorrect. -Bad sensor. (O2, MAF, MAP, IAT, TPS, CPS, to name a few) -Misfire (Tons of reasons) -Not enough grounds or bad wiring. *Lance*

What would cause smoke to come from your steering wheel of a 1993 lumina?

It could be an electric problem, IMMEDIATLY GET IT LOOKED AT!!!!

How do you hook up subwoofers to an stock radio?

there are ways to do this, but i dont recommend it. this can cause sound to be distorted and also could blow fuses or cause other electric damages.

What is used to shave a person's face who is on oxygen?

You have to use a safety razor because an electric razor could cause a spark.

What could have happened while taking a corner at a high speed to cause a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass 305 to shake badly when accelerating and while in neutral?

Check for a busted engine or tranny mount.

What electric problem would cause a 2008 Chevy Impala slow to crank?

It could be a weak battery or a bad ignition coil.

What could cause a loud roaring noise while applying brake in reverse only in 1995 Olds Cutlass Supreme?

sounds like your back breaks are wore you use them the most when you are backing up.

What causes an interior leak on passenger side of 1994 Olds Ciera?

Could be heater core leaking Could be a bad windshield seal Could be a bad door seal