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This problem usually is a victim of a massive vacuume leak. Usually from either the idle air control motor or, the fuel distrabution box itself.

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What makes a car run high rpm and dies when you first turn on a vehicle?

A large vacuum leak could do that.

My 91 celica bogs down and dies when you accelerate or try to drive off?

could be a vacuum leak and clean your throttle body out.

When you shift your 1992 Chevy 8-cylinder 350 in to drive it dies?

Could be a lean condition. Check all vacuum lines.

If my car idles for a minute then dies what is wrong?

vacuum leak.

How can you repair a 1974 Nova engine that runs but when it is put in gear it dies?

check for a vacuum leak, i have seen some with loose carburetor bolts which make a vacuum leak. could be a bad hose, on the distibutor, maybe a bad power brake hose, could be a number of things

Why does my 99 suburban dies out when in reverse?

Torque converter or vacuum leak

1997 Ford Aspire idles rough and dies at a stop Why?

Could be a vacuum leak Could be a bad spark plug or wire Could be a bad valve (do a compression test) Coild be a bad coil if equipped with COP (Coil on Plug)

What could be wrong if the 1999 ford escort car dies but has gas and electricity?

that just happened to me last week.i had a simple vacuum hose leak so that should be the only problem

At idle my 1989 Chevrolet Camero runs rough and dies what could cause the problem?

If you have a check engine light "on" then you need to have it scanned for codes. It could be numerous reasons such as a vacuum leak, loss of fuel pressure, flooding,and the beat goes on.

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What is wrong with a 1992 Toyota Celica when brake is applied engine dies after its cranked?

Could be a vacuum leak - check all lines and connectors udner hood and under the dash. Might be the check valve on the power brake booster.

1990 Chevy 454 after starting the truck dies. it will start but not stay running?

check all vacuum lines for leaks

1994 LeBaron 3.0 dies at red lights why?

check distributor cap and rotor ,spark plug wires ,vacuum hoses

What is wrong when Dodge Dakota 1994 V6 automatic transmission dies when shifting into drive or reverse?

O2 sensor or vacuum leak

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My car dies when I'm driving - When I press the gas the car dies - The car also idols too hard - what could be the problem?

It could be the fuel pump.

Truck dies when you put in gear?

Vacuum leak, low compression, burnt valves, low fuel pressure, weak spark, bad transmission....

Your 1999 ford escort zx2 spits and sputters on the highway if you give it very much gas and it dies at stop signs it will not idle on its own so could it be the fuel filter?

Had the same problem, the problem with mine was a hole in the vacuum line, listen for hissing noises