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88 vw cabriolet dies at idle unless the ac is on then it still idles too low Dealership can't repair?


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i have a 91 cabriolet and have had what problem you have had, and it is simple, but depending on the pricing of the parts and how willing you are to work for it is the key. in the front of the engine compartment on the motor, there are two sensors, one is blue, one is black i think. the blue one tells the computer how much gas to give it to keep it running, and if the sensor is not plugged all the way in and fastened properly, it will not run on a cold start. if your sensor is bad or not plugged in, it needs to be replaced. don't worry though, it is held in by a single retainer clip and it is only a single wire to it. pop it off, then take it to auto zone or make sure it is pushed in all the way.

the simple solution is to press the gas while on idle and make the engine rev to about 2000 rpm. this is a safe output, so the car will warm up. hold it for about a a minute and a half.