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The 9.8 hp Mercury outboard, serial number 3800545, would be a 1974 year model. As far as finding specifications on the engine, a repair manual is a good investment.

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What year is a Mercury Outboard with Canadian serial number 7013685?

I emailed mercury for the year of an 50 hp outboard serial number 7098240 and this is the answer that I got and the email address of the man who answered it Charles, The engine is probably a 1977 Canada model. The serial numbers in the Mercury Marine publication guide are not precise. Thank you. Richard Curley rcurley@marineengine.com www.MarineEngine.com Phone: 802 247 4700rcurley@marineengine.com maybe you can email him as well. Good luck

What year is a mercury 500 outboard motor with serial number 8049046?

The Mercury 500 started production in 1961 with 50hp. I have serial # information up to 1979, but I can't find it, so its probably newer than that. check the web link I have attached, maybe you'll be able to find it.

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