90 Dodge Dakota 4WD auto trans works then just like nothings there?

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Possible bad torque converter, low fluid level, bad clutch packs
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Whats wrong when a 98 dodge neon auto trans jerks when take off and jerks when you let off and when it shifts but does not slip like its racing what is wrong with it and what can you do?

\n. \nI agree with the fluid and filter change. I just changed the fluid and filter in my 98 and it made a big difference. When I first start my car and put it in reverse, the transmission just idles for a few seconds then slams into gear. Changed the fluid and filter, now she shifts smooth. Make s ( Full Answer )

Where is the auto shut down relay on a 1988 dodge Dakota?

I tried trouble shooting my 1993 dodge dynasty when the fuel pump went intermittent. We looked for the accident fuel shut off relay everywhere thinking it was an active thing rather than a passive relay near the air filter. As I remember it, the computer (in mine) shuts of the relay or rather doesn ( Full Answer )

Where is the auto tension pulley on a Dodge Dakota?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nWhile standing in front your truck with the hood open, the tension pully you're looking for is the pulley at the far left of the engine. It's about 2-1/2" in diameter and is spring loaded. At least that's where it's located on a 96, V6, Dakota 4x4 Sport.\n. \nHope this he ( Full Answer )

Will the 5.9 engine bolt in or fit into a 1998 Dodge Dakota 4WD?

It will *fit* because they offered that Dakota chassis with a V8. the 5.9 is a heavy engine. It might cause issues with the front end. A diesel Dakota is a cool idea though... This engine will fit but there are other issues that will arise if you are planning on the swap the pcm for the 5.9 will ( Full Answer )

Will the f17 auto trans work in place of the fw2 trans in a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville?

Not a good idea. I have done this and Over Drive does not work nor does cruise control. The speedometer also reads off by the exact difference in the ratios of these tranys (3.06 vs 2.84) According to several forums I have checked, the 4T60E transmission in the 1994 Bonneville should only be replace ( Full Answer )

This might be hard but if you felt like you've done everything you could think of and nothing works is that a good time to just give up?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nMaybe, or you could try one more time just to make sure. There might be something you hadn't thought of yet.\n. \n. \nHOPEFULLY IT WILL PASS. \n. \nI AT TIMES WANTED TO DO THING THE WAY I THOUGHT WAS THE BEST. IT WAS ONLY WHEN I REALIZED THAT I CANNOT MAKE MY OWN HAPPIN ( Full Answer )

1990 Honda accord What would cause the trans not to engage. Will engage in all gears for about 30 scds then nothing. its like it wants to work but wont.?


Why does the heater blower not work on a 1995 dodge Dakota?

most common problem is the blower resistor In the firewall on the passenger side of the truck is the blower motor speed resister coils, they burn out alot. I could not find one for my Dakota so I got one from a dodge caravan and I changed the wirring, that is the most likely problem

98 dodge Dakota ac stopped working?

1. First check and make sure that you have freon in the system. 2. Check and make sure that you have both power and ground going to the a/c clutch. 3. Then check the low pressure switch that is located on the accumulator...............

Can you put a flywheel in a 3.9 dodge Dakota backwards if it has an auto trans?

the flywheel in an auto is called a flex plate. yes it can be installed backwards, but it will cause problems. the ring gear for the starter will not be at the correct distance for starter to engage.. the torque converter for the transmission bolts onto the flex plate. the flexplate has balancing ( Full Answer )

Why might the fuel gauge not work on a 1994 Dodge Dakota?

Either the gauge is faulty, there is a broken or shorted wire between the gauge and the sending unit or the sending unit is faulty. Hopefully, it's not the sending unit; That's integrated with the fuel pump module inside the fuel tank and to replace it means replacing the entire fuel pump module. No ( Full Answer )

What does a resistor look like on a dodge Dakota?

The resistor just helps in the different speeds, and isn't used at all during hi speed, Access it under the passenger side of the dash.The resistor, and the blower motor are both easy to get to

1985 w250 dodge does not go into 4wd transfer case works?

First check to see if the front drive shaft turns. If it turns then check for 4wd light. If no light then your vacuum shift motor is not working. On the top of your axle there is box bolted on the axle with an eletrical conector and two vacuum tubes. There are three reasons why it doesn't work. 1. T ( Full Answer )

2004 Dodge Dakota blower not working?

If the blower doesn't work on any speed the fuse may be blown. There should be a small pop out panel covering the fuse box on the left side of the dash between the door and the dash (only accessible with the door open). The appropriate fuse should be marked on either the cover or on the fuse box its ( Full Answer )

Why is Radio not working 2003 dodge Dakota?

i believe that the radio is controlled by more than one fuse. The fuse marked radio may be good but the radio runs through other circuits as well. Check all fuses and quite possibly look for a shorted light( ie. under the hood, engine light) That was causing the problem on mine. It had shorted out a ( Full Answer )

How to fix Dodge Dakota heater fan when it stops working?

first check if you have power to motor. Key on & switch on.Check if you have power at connecter at motor. If power at the motor-replace motor. No power then check the resistor, The resistor has to have power to it & out of it to motor motor at all 3 speeds. Don't forget to check you fuses first. I h ( Full Answer )

How do you remove front rotors on a 2002 dodge Dakota 4wd?

Should be 'slip on' type retained only by wheelnuts and the brake caliper. Jack up the front end and support safely on blocks or stands. Then remove the wheels. Now remove the brake calipers (usually 2 7mm hex key bolts per caliper) and hang them up with wire. Do not let calipers hang by the brake ( Full Answer )

Why is my Blower fan not working on my 2003 Dodge Dakota?

First check the fuses. Then check the blower motor resistor (If you still have one speed left that works, it's a sure sign of a bad resistor). The resistor is located under the passenger side dash. You'll see a 5 wire harness leading to it, and it will be held in by two screws. Remove the screws, pu ( Full Answer )

How do you replace heater core on 1987 Dodge Dakota 4wd?

Disconnect battery ground cable. . Discharge A/C system (if equipped). . Remove lower instrument panel module as follows: . Remove steering column cover and silencer pad (if equipped). . Remove ashtray and intermittent wipe control (if equipped) from bracket. . Remove lower instrument panel ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if you have a 5sp or4sp auto trans in a 2500hd Chevy 4wd?

Start off and watch the tachometer. You start off in 1st gear so it you see if shift 3 times you have a 4 speed, and if it shifts 4 times you have a 5 speed. The RPMs will drop at every shift point. But you may have a 4 speed with overdrive. If so you will have a button to turn the overdrive off.

What does it mean when you have a 4wd indicator light on a 2wd dodge Dakota?

Nothing, really. The 4wd indicator light may or may not light up, but in a 2wd truck, it has no function. It's just a part of the "mass production" manufacturing process. 2wd and 4wd trucks use most of the same parts, especially their bodies and chassis, so, in many cases, the manufacturer uses a s ( Full Answer )

Would a transmission from a dodge neon03 work in your 03 Dakota?

Your Neon is front-wheel drive and doesn't have a transmission, it makes use of a transaxle mated to a transverse-mounted (sideways) engine. A Dakota is rear or four wheel drive and uses a conventional transmission mated to a conventionally mounted engine. Totally incompatible.

Why does the FM reception not work on a 1998 Dodge Dakota radio?

Sounds like an antenna or coaxial cable problem, especially if you're still getting some AM frequencies. AM receivers can often pick up stations even with the lack of antenna input, but FM receivers are pretty unforgiving. Check that the coaxial cable is plugged properly into the back of the radio, ( Full Answer )

Why wont the running lights work in a 92 dodge Dakota?

Check the top three: Bad fuse Bad light bulbs And if those check out OK, then check for bad wires to the lights. . Chances are good that the DRL module is toast (Daytime Running Light). This is located on the right hand side of the engine as your looking from the front of the truck. Locate ( Full Answer )