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it must be wired or accidentally...due to a short..connected up to battery.. It will usually go through sensors and some kind of timer and or controller,,you can check those as wel. check the AC fan control relay. just unplug and fan should stop. If it does swap with the cooling fan relay and see if problem moves with it. If so repalce the relay.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-22 04:25:37
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Q: 90 legend Why does the ac condenser fan keeps running with the car off till the battery goes dead?
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What do you do if you pull the key out of the ignition but the car still keeps running?

Disconnect the battery.

Does leaving the car on but not driving it anywhere drain the battery?

If the engine is running, then no. The alternator constantly keeps the battery charged.

What if the blower fan keeps running even after you have shut the engine off 1992 deville?

on a 1990 cadallic sedan de ville after you cut the car off the blower keeps running killing the battery

Why is your car not starting and the battery keeps dying?

Possibly a bad alternator. The Alternator charges the battery when the vehicle is running. If the battery is not being charged this could cause the vehicle not to start.

How does CMOS work?

CMOS is the little battery in the computer's motherboard which keeps the computers internal clock running.

Why does fan on car keeps running and draining the battery?

Either a short to power or a bad fan switch.

What keeps battery charged on riding mower?

Mower has a generator, which is turned by the engine. When engine is running, generator produces electricity to charge the storage battery.

How does the computer keeps track of time even after it is turned off?

The motherboard of your computer has a replaceable built-in CMOS battery which keeps track of the time. So even if the entire unit is switched off (that's unplugged from a AC power source) the battery keeps on "running".

What does a computer battery do?

In a laptop, your computer battery keeps your computer running when it isn't plugged in. The batteries on a laptop will eventually run out and will automatically recharge when you plug your laptop back in. With a desktop computer, a small battery keeps your computers internal clock powered when your computer is not plugged in.

What does the battery in a computer do?

In a desktop computer, the battery stores the CMOS settings and keeps the real-time clock running. In a laptop computer, the main battery is used to power the computer when it is not plugged into a wall adapter.

Why don't car batteries run out of charges after a few starts?

Because the alternator keeps the battery charged when the car is running.

How do you check if my alternator is bad or my batter is bad in my car?

If the car won't start, jump it off. While it is running, remove the positive cable from the battery. If the car dies, then your alternator is bad. If it keeps running then you may have a bad battery.

What does running do for you?

Running keeps you healthy and fit.

Does the alternator run when you have the car started and in park?

Yes, as long as the engine is running, so is the alternator. The alternator is actually what keeps the car battery charged.

Your battery light keeps coming on in your 1996 Mitsubishi galant GLXi?

my battery light keeps coming on why is that, ive replace the battery and it still happening please help?

What are symptoms of a bad alternator in 2000 ford explorer sport?

Battery keeps running down when you are driving. Your battery light should be on if the alternator is bad. Check the voltage at the battery with a digital DC volt meter set to the 20 volt scale. You should read from 13.5 to 15.5 volts with the engine running at idle. If not the alternator is suspect.

What keeps a battery on a motorcycle running?

The battery is charged by a generator that runs through a regulator-rectifier. The generator outputs AC voltage and the rectifier converts the voltage to DC. The generator is normally mounted inside the engine on the flywheel.

Dash Lights Going on and off Headlights dim when driving along.?

I'd check your alternator. Disconnecting the positive terminal while the engine is running will tell you. If the engine dies when you disconnect the battery, it's your alternator. If it keeps running it's something else, like your battery. I had the same problem.

2002 Chevy Express van heater fan keeps running and kills the battery?

I think the person means the heater blower motor and not a radiator fan motor

Battery light stays on got new battery still says and keeps stopping and about 5 minutes later will go about 2 blocks and die again?

Your vehicle's charging system is not working. It is running only off the battery power. You need to have the charging system tested to determine what is at fault.

Battery is good no power to vehicle?

either you have corrosion on the connector cables (wires that hook the battery up to the car) or you have a bad fuse or you have a bad alternator (what charges the battery and keeps the car running). in order to find out try to jump start it. if the engine doesnt turn than the cables are bad.

The alternator and battery were placed on a Mazda 95' but the battery keeps losing charge and the car won't start The voltage is over 14 but the battery keeps losing power What causes this?

It could be the voltage regulator.

On a 1972 Chevy blazer with a 350 in the charging seystem ran through the starter?

no the charging system consists of the battery and the alternator. the battery being the starting point of the system. the battery provides the initial power. the alternator then keeps your battery charged while the motor is running. the starter gets its power from the battery but has no relation to the charging system. the starter has but only one function and that is to power up upon initial start up and turn your motor over to get it running. hope that helps you out a little bit.

If battery gauge keeps going down after you get a jump?

hi if ur gage keeps dropping and u run out of juice in ur battery it could be one of two things 1) bad battery or 2) bad alternater

In Liebig condenser what will happen if the water flow from the upper part to the lower part of the condenser?

Heat. The condenser acts through cooling with a greater surface area (on the inside of the condenser); the constant fluid flow keeps the temperature down. If you were to assemble the apparatus so that the water flows from top to bottom, the condenser would never fill up, and your reaction will have difficulty cooling down. Risky if you have volatile chemicals or a reaction that you need to keep cool.