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if engine has carb.try replacing the accelerator pump,when worn out, will cause surging. problem. if engine has carb.try replacing the accelerator pump,when worn out, will cause surging. problem.also check coil. This can be caused by a worn timing belt. The 2.3 has had it's share of timing belt issues. I would get a HAYNES manual and check the timing belt most likely replacing the belt. When the belt is stretched, it has the effect of retarding the timing which will cause the problems you mentioned. These belts on these motors need to be replace every 70,000 miles to avoid this.

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Which action may cause the loss of steering ability in a PWC?

Letting off the throttle control

How do cable acceleration systems work?

The cable is attached to the pedal when you apply pressure to the pedal it pulles the cored and then that opens the carburetor venturi, letting more gas in the moter letting the car accelerate.

BA-24 which action may cause the loss of steering ability in a PWC?

Letting off the Throttle control

Where is the tp sensor on a 97 Chevy z24 cavalier?

On the throttle body. It is round in shape and it is connected to the throttle plate. It tells the computer the angle of that plate letting in air so it can add more fuel.

Why would a fuel injected car die when idling?

throttle body is not letting enough air in. Idle speed servo, stuck or failed.

What are battery tenders designed to do?

Battery tenders perform a variety of tasks: letting you know whether your battery is charged; letting you know whether your battery has to be replaced; and charging batteries--among many other things.

1995 Arctic cat 580 EFI snowmobile stalls out when the throttle is pressed it runs fine while idling any questions about the snowmobile ask me thank you?

Dirty Carberator. The needle vavle isn't letting enough gas in when you push the throttle and it is starving for gas and then kills.

Where can I buy a charger for my battery?

You device can be replaced by finding a geek squad member and asking about it. Thank you for letting me answer the question. Thank you for everything.

Why while accelerating from a stop an automatic car would jerk as if stepping on the gas and letting go repeatedly?

Either you are low in transmission fluid or the transmission is slipping. Take it to a well qualified transmission repair facility.Another possibility is the Throttle position sensor is bad. when the vehicle is off, locate it, it will be on the throttle on the other side of the housing from where the cable connects. you can unplug this and use an ohm meter to check I believe the outside terminals while opening the throttle slowly. If at any time its open the ohms increase or go over the limit then the switch is bad and it sends a closed throttle signal to the computer which cuts off the fuel supply to the engine which creates a bump feeling, or a jerking.

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Why is your traction control coming on at 50 mph and not letting you accelerate until it goes back down to 40 or so 94 brougham?

There is a problem in the Broughams traction control circuit. Run a test of the computer for possible bad codes.

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How do you prevent a 1996 Saturn from missing during a shift change or even letting off the throttle and then back on?

Have a good tune up including a fuel filter, injector cleaner plugs and wires with a throtle body cleaning..

What does the fuel 22 fail code mean for a 92 Jaguar Sovereign?

IT means the cruise control hose is letting in air its located were the throttle is you will see a round ball {black} may need replacing and computer reboot

What causes polaris 250 2 cycle to backfire when starting or running?

I, too, would like to know the answer! I have a 1993 Polaris Trail Boss ATV with the 250 cc engine... it tends to backfire when letting off the throttle.

Where can I find reviews on Duracell batteries?

You can find one underneath computer. This device can be replaced by finding a geek squad member and asking about it. Thank you for letting me answer the question. Thank you for everything.

Your 94 camaro V6 started running bad after the clutch was changed when you accelerate a hear a rattling and car does not accelerate properly it sounds horrible any suggestions on what it could be?

The clutch plate center protrudes further on one side than the other. When the clutch was installed, the clutch plate was put in facing the wrong way. What you are hearing is the springs rubbing and scraping the pressure plate. NOT GOOD! Why the car does not accelerate properly is because the center protrusion I talked about earlier is not letting the clutch make complete contact with the flywheel.

When the breaks are pressed on your car there is a rattling noise?

The only time my brakes rattled was when a retaining clip on the brake pad broke letting the pad rattle around. I pulled the tire and wheel off, replaced the one retaining clip on the one pad and replaced the wheel and tire.

Why does Suzuki LS 650 motorcycle tend to backfire when letting off on the throttle?

this is caused because the mikuni bs 40 carburetor is leaned out from the factory to achieve low emissions. this can be corrected by making some minor mods to the carb

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On a 1995 Prelude after charging the battery and letting it run for 5 - 10 miles it will die and not start again have replaced alternator and battery what else could be wrong?

bad wiring harnest

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Make sure you have the main cruise control button depressed. You will then see a display light indiciating "Cruise Control". After that, just use the normal buttons to set, accelerate, and coast. BEWARE, though. The cruise control button for our 2004 Accord stopped letting me keep it in the depressed position, and I can't keep my cruise control on now. Will let you know once the mechanic takes a look at it.

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