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you don't need to change the fluid. BMW's trans fluid is a life time oil. i drained mine on 540i 1997 BMW and i am sorry now.

AnswerThere is a big debate about this. Most people say that you should change it. AnswerI had 100,000 miles on mine. The lever was stiff even in just cool weather. Drained from passenger-side plug on pan mid-car. Freaked when I couldn't find fill tube in engine compartment. Eventually opened fill plug on drivers-side of pan under car. Apparently, you need a tube with a hand pump. Didn't have one so used a five foot length of rubber washing machine hose I had around and a turkey baster to squirt in the hose. It was slow, but worked. Plug is only half-way up the pan, though, and could only put in about 2.5 quarts before it would come leaking out even though I had removed about three quarts and the owner's manual says it should take 3.1. Used Dexron III. Trans lever is free now even in very cold weather and trans works fine. Can't believe that dirty, black fluid should have been left in the car.
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Q: 92 BMW 525i how change transmission oil How do you change trasmission oil on BMW 525i 1992?
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