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92 Chevy Beretta with a 3.1 engine It has 157000 miles. 1st the temp gauge isn't working. Secondly the fan isn't working either and there is coolant pooled under the belt on the frame. Any ideas?

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December 04, 2010 5:00AM

well it could be a few things wrong id check the water pump first as this also happend to my 92 beretta when replacing the water pump be sure to get a new gasket most of the time they come with one and it can only go on a certen way the bolts might seem like they are all lined up and most will fit but the tab must be up straight and if that doesnt fix it you might need to get a new fan relay switch as well the water pump is about30.00 dollars at checker or auto zone and id recomend some thread lock as well because it will be on moving parts with alot of tension and vibration from the belt and pully. hope this helped buddy