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I had the very same thing happen to me.It turns out it was the engine controller, "MPI Control Unit", and I had the same symptoms you had were when you start the engine it cranks and runs for about 1 second and then dies. To temporarily remedy the problem until I could afford a new Engine controller, I found the wiring diagrams for the car in a Chiltons manual and on the connector called c23 pin 56 a white w/red strip wire, I stripped it back a little and hooked a wire to it and to ground. This makes the fuel pump run bypassing the controller. I found the Engine controller located behind the passenger side kick panel. Maybe, but I wouldn't bet on it.Could be the fuel pump, could be many other things. With the engine off, turn your ke on. If you hear the fuel pump run for a couple of seconds then shut off, it's probably good. You might try replacing the fuel filter, but those usually don't fail suddenly.

I had an experience with a 1993 Colt that died for no aparent reason. It was the catalytic converter had suddenly gotten stopped up from rust flaking off the inside of the exhaust manifold. You can test this by taking the exhaust pipe loose from the exhaust manifold and see if the car will start.

2011-09-12 07:52:07
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Dodge Dynastic 1993 will not start The engine will turn ove but will not catch The car have Gas While driving the vehicle just cut off and would not start?

Fuel filter and fuel pump needs to be replaced.

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