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Hello Fellow Ford Owner-- I had a similar experience yesterday (Sat 6-23-07) with my 96 Ford Windstar...where the car made a sound like some large vehicle backing up (with a loud beep, beep, beep, etc) and then just cut out...I was able to get the car jumped but then after a half mile, started beeping again, but I was able to 'flutter' the gas and get the car home (another 1/2 mile) but without any instruments working on the dash board. Today (Sunday) much to my surprise, the car started up on the 2nd crank without any jumping needed. I did notice a foul order and the coolant bottle seemed almost empty yesterday, but today it was back to its norma level? So I think the coolant may be a factor in the beeping...but I am not sure. Will call my local mechanic tomorrow to let him look it over to see what caused the problem...but for now, it is a mystery.... If anyone has had a similar expereince, please let me know. Regards
Joe Sullivan, Chalfont, PA

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โˆ™ 2007-06-24 15:39:46
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Q: 92 Ford Taurus SHO just recently started hearing a beep beep sound and cannot find where it's coming from cause a lot of the dash electronics are not connected never did it before?
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