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the frame of the car can snap or break in two if going fas liike 40 to 100 mph if you hit a bump oro you accelerate fast you are putting alot of stress of the car frame i would not recomenned it

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Is the 1994 Pontiac Sunbird front-wheel drive?

yes the sunbird is front wheel drive

Is The 1994 Sunbird Rear-Wheel Drive?


Pontiac sunbird is running but wont shift into drive?

replace the shift cable

Can doing a burn-out damage a car if it is front wheel drive?

Well It would not really even do burn out.

How do you get the accessory drive belt or serpentine belt off of a 1989 sunbird?

To remove the accessory drive belt or the serpentine belt from the motor on a 1989 Sunbird, it is necessary to loosen the belt tensioner. Look for a pulley that has a bolt in a slot. Loosen the bolt and move the tensioner so there is a gap in the belt. Then remove the belt from each pulley.

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What is the diagram of the firing order of 1990 Pontiac sunbird?

1-3-4-2. Cylinder 1 is at the front of the Engine (where Belt(s) are) if rear drive and at the Right (Passenger) side for Front Wheel Drive.

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