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Is the freezing point the same temperature as the melting point of a substance?

Yes. A substance freezes and melts at the same temperature, depending on whether energy is being added or removed from the system.

What temperature would a substance melt at if it freezes at -58 celsius?

The temperature of freezing and melting is the same. It depends on whether heat is being taken away (freezing) or added (melting).

What is the freezing Temperature of fuel?

freezing temperature of different fuelsEthane- a fraction of natural gas- freezing temperature of -181.76 °C (89.34 K)Diesel- used in diesel engines- freezing temperature of -181.76 °C (89.34 K) although anti-freeze is usually added so it can be used in cold climatesGasoline/petrol- used as fuel in internal combustion chambers and is the most common fuel for cars- freezing temperature variablecba with the rest of this, somebody else finish it off please

When a system does work and no heat is added to the system its temperature?

remains constant From Rafaelrz. When a simple closed system does work and no heat is added, the temperature of the system will drop. This is because the work is done at the expense of his internal energy, which is thermal energy.

What would happen if water was accidentally added instead of antifreeze?

Possible destruction of the system (the freezing point of the water is under the freezing point of the antifreeze agent).

What happens to the freezing point of water when salt is added?

The freezing point of any solvent is lowered when a solute is added.

How are freezing and melting similar?

They are the reverse of each other.While something is melting or freezing the temperature does not change until one or other end state is achieved, even though energy is being added or removed from the system.

What happens when heat is added to a system?

When heat is added to a system, the temperature increases, unless there is a phase change taking place. In that case, temperature remains the same, and the only observable difference is the phase change.

What is the temperature of ice when salt is added?

Lower than normal freezing, so instead of 32°f it might be 25°f.

How does baking soda lower the temperature of water?

Because when baking soda is added to water the chemicals react as a freezing component causing the temperature to decrease by 1-5 degrees

How much would the freezing point of water decrease if 4 mol of sugar were added to 1kg of water?

The normal freezing temperature for pure water is 0c. Howeverif sugar is added in the pure water, the freezing point will be lower than zero. How far below zero will depend on the sugar concentration in the water.

What happens to the freezing point of pure water when salt is added to it?

The freezing point of pure water when salt is added to it is lowered.

Why is salt added to ice as freezing mixture in ice cream making?

Because salt melts at a higher temperature than anything else there

Does the temperature must drop 0 C for water to freeze when a solute is dissolved in the water?

A solute added to water decreases the freezing point.

Why does the freezing point decrease when naphthalene is added in camphor?

When adding a solute to a solvent, the freezing point decreases and is also known as freezing-point depression. Hence when naphthalene is added to camphor the freezing point decreases.

Do endothermic reactions always result in a decrease in temperature?

A decrease in temperature of WHAT? An endothermic reaction is one in which heat is ADDED to the system so the temperature of the system will INCREASE. This will result in a DECREASE in the temperature of the surroundings.

When a solute is added to solvent the freezing point of the solution is?

The freezing point is lowered.

What happened when impurity is added in phenol water system?

the critical solution temperature for phenol water system increases

Why glycol is added in aviation gasoline?

it is added to prevent freezing of gasoline

Do additives affect the freezing point of water?

adding additives to water does effect the freezing point of water. When NaCl is added, it can effect it. Because the outside temperature isn't cold enough to keep the ice frozen inside.

Why - when salt is added to water - does the freezing point decrease?

The temperature at which nucleation will occur is lower. Translation: The freezing/melting point of the system is decreased because of the interference of the salt ions. The salt ions become interposed between the water molecules, making it more difficult for them to nucleate (aggregate or freeze) to form crystals.

If a catalyst is added to a system at equilibrium and the temperature and pressure remain constant?

Heat of reaction.

What happens to the freezing points of water when salt is added to water?

the freezing point will decrease

What happens to the freezing point of water as more salt is added?

The freezing point will decrease.

Is Freezing a Thermal Energy Added?

No, freezing is a result of losing thermal energy (heat).