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92 ford explorer wont start until you pull the top fuse under the hood then when you but it back in the idle is at 3 grand and drops slowly what can this be?


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possible El-Cheapo fixes for 92 explorer

I have a 93 explorer. Not sure why your having to "pull the top fuse" [whichever that one is?] but it sounds more like your problem is with either your cold start switch or your injectors which may be clogged up and sooting way too much gas to cold start but when you put your fuse back and it does start would help explain the taching up. If you want to start with the cheapest, easiest things first before you decide to throw in big money start by checking your vacumn hoses, cold start valve, gas filter, and see if your injectors need,{or just buy a $2 can of high octane ejector cleaners. The worst possibility you face in realityy is that pre 1999 explorers are not worth s**t on the used car mart. If your exp runs great besides this one quirky problem then you should be alright. Just be careful at this point to not "throw good money after bad" [And that's a quote from my unbelievably honest, good guy mechanic who put a new engine in my exp 4 years ago when it got swamped by hurrican Ivan. His rule of thumb with explorers is: if they have more than 125000 be VERY careful before you sink any big money intgo it. He thinks that after 150000 its all borrowed time. Yeah-its just an opinoin, but 35 years this guy has and it kills him that American 'trucks' cant touch a Toyota{which is what he gonna force me to buy when the next big thing hits my old 93] p.s. I want to stress that the 'fuse pulling' and reinserting sounds suspiciously 'not connected' in that it should only be making a difference if the fuse is blowing and your putting new fuses in. Or possibly you have a very loose fuse seat. You could try one other really cheap trick: take a needle nose to the two tangs on the fuse the next time you 'pull' it. VERY slightly twist each tang with as little force as possible just to 'scew' the tangs a little bit to find out if they are having trouble making contact. If you twist too much fuse wont want to slide in-too little...well you probably get the idea. That's the only way I can figure the fuse has anything to do with yiourn problem-good luck.