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Hi, I'll give a guess on this, how about the fuel pump? or is the starter or the soelonoid bad maybe I mean the ignition coil? Either one sounds logical and I think the starter and soelonoid are one. If it's the fuel pump then you have to drop the tank to remove it, they didn't make an access hole in the car. Just a footnote, my starter is flaky, sometimes I turn the key and I don't get anythig then after a while I try again and it';s okay. I've found that if it happens I can turn the key and have someone hit the starter, it's okay. Good luck and I hope anyone that gets results from anyone, posts the good news. Steve H.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-13 15:50:13
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Q: 92 geo tracker Won't start Turn key over and you hear the relay switch making a ticking noise Prime it then it will start Turn it off you have to prime it again?
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