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Most common possible problems:

1. Ignition coil faulty 2. EGR valve clogged/sticking 3. Engine Coolant Temperature switch malfunctioning 4. Vacuum leak Also check fuel pressure, hot and cold, to determine if fuel filter is clogged and/or fuel pump is faulty.

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Your 1999 jeep Cherokee sport has started dying while driving why?

Check the oxygen sensor. My 1995 Grand Cherokee stopped stalling while driving after it was replaced.

What would cause a S10 Chevy pickup to jerk when driving down the road?

Could be spark in the motor, or the distributor and rotor need to be replaced.

What could cause and 1990 acclaim to stall at idle speed?

I had my "distributor pick-up" replaced. car would just die out, while i was driving.

Can a faulty ignition coil cause sporadic stalling while driving?


Why does a 92 Topaz keep dying when driving even after you have replaced wires plugs fuel filter distributor rotor and cap air filter?

BEst bet is the alternator... some tell tale signs are wierd gauge reads and it dies while driving it...

Could it be a bad EGR valve if your 1998 Sierra hesitates under partial load and you have changed the air cleaner spark plugs and wires?

No, a bad EGR valve would cause pinging at driving speeds or stalling at idle. Have you checked the distributor cap? Fuel filter?

1989 Honda accord stopped running while driving and hasn't started since i replaced coil and distributor what next?

Diagnosis: Engine Won't Start or RunCheck related link below

Why does the 1988 Chevy s10 blazer 2.8 idle really good but when driving it start sputtering real bad and the fuel pump has already been replaced?

Assuming the fuel filter has also been replaced, a bad distributor cap and or wires and spark plugs could do that also.

What makes the slant6 motor act like it not getting gas i have replaced fuel filter and the plugs it tries to die out when driving and it shuts off when stopped at a light?

Check the fuel pump, rotor, and distributor cap.

What causes a 1996 Altima to stall while driving?

Oil in the distributor.

Why on a 96 Taurus gl when driving at any speed the engine acts like its cutting out you have replaced plugsplug wires fuel filter?

Make sure your plug wires are connected tightly to the correct spot on the distributor and the plugs.

Stalling and erratic gages readings while driving my 1997 sierra gmc?

Likely Alternator or other charging issues

1997 astro van misses at idle and driving?

inspect the distributor gear.

My 1994 Pontiac Trans Am randomly stalls out while driving?

If your 1994 Pontiac Trans Am randomly stalls out while driving, you may have clogged fuel injectors or a bad distributor. Check the distributor first, as this is the easiest to replace.

Car idles really fast and is stalling when im driving it?

Need to know year and type of car including what motor please.

Blazer stalls while driving and reaches normal temp?

If it is a newer model (no distributor) then it sounds like the Ignition Control pack is bad. If it is older (with a distributor) then replace the Ignition coil inside the distributor cap.

What causes car to stall while driving then be able to start again after bout 30 minutes sitting there?

Stalling while driving may be caused by a collapsing or kinked neoprene fuel line.

Where is 1 position on distributor cap?

we changed the distributor cup we need to know how to adjust crank car starts excellent when driving car looses power

Have a 1996 F350 with a 4.9 Stalled while driving on highway No Spark Replaced Module on distributor and electronic module on fender Still no spark Any suggestions?

check you distributer cap and rotor for wear. if so maybe that's it or bad wires.

Why won't 1996 GMC Savana start after driving in 80 degrees or higher?

a problem with the distributor

What would make a 98 Tahoe jump time and cause the distributor to be loose?

driving it to roughly

2002 F350 7.3 liter diesel power cuts out when driving?

Camshaft position sensor. There is a recall for them i believe. It will cause cutting out and stalling. It happened to ours too. Camshaft position sensor. There is a recall for them i believe. It will cause cutting out and stalling. It happened to ours too.

Your Mitsubishi magna advance is not running well splattering while driving and stalling when you come to a stop and you have changed all plugs and leads?

check your fuel pump, alot of magnas had faulty fuel pumps and due to your car stalling and splattering would be due to the fuel pump.

Why does a dodge stratus stall while driving?

The most common cause of a automobile stalling, while driving, is and electronic fuel pump going bad. The vehicle will begin to stall more and more and eventually not run at all.

My 1999 suburban just quit while driving could it be my distributor cap?

probably the fuel pump

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