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I would be thinking it is a head gasket.

2007-03-22 00:57:48
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Would a thermostat set for a higher temperature keep the heater from blowing hot air?

No. The thermostat controls the flow of water through the radiator, not the heating core. Using a thermostat with a higher temperature rating delay the opening of the thermostat (and the flow of water to the radiator) until that higher temperature is reached. This will cause the coolant to run hotter.

How do tell if thermostat is bad?

One way to easily tell is to check the bottom radiator hose, if the hose is extremely hotter than the top hose, the thermostat is not opening fully or stuck in the closed position.

I have 327 chevy the motor water temp in the back of the motor About 150 hotter then the front rad Is 180 and the back of motor is 250 plus?

Yes, that is because the radiator is cooling it, the running temp should be about 195 or so when the thermostat opens to let the hotter coolant in to the radiator to be cooled.

Why does your 1992 areostar overheat in -30 temp?

The coolant could have frozen in the radiator. If that happens the coolant in the engine will just get hotter. It could also be the thermostat.

How can you make your hot tub hotter?

hotter water turn up the heat using the thermostat on it

Describe convection in a room heated by a radiator?

it hotter

Your 1998 seems to run hotter in the winter now than in the summer just past--is that a computer control issue or do you have a problem that will show up later?

Engine temperature is controlled by the thermostat. An engine can often run hotter if the thermostat has started to fail or if the radiator is partially blocked. The computer is not involved in temperature control. Have the rad and cooling system flushed and change the thermostat at the same time. Have the heater core pressure tested and flushed out.

Why is the core hotter than the crust?

because the core has a radiator in it.

What temperature thermostat should be used on a 350 Chevy?

It's dependant on what you want. If you live in a hotter climate, select a lower temperature thermostat; that causes the thermostat to open sooner, keeping the engine a little cooler... hopefully. If you live in a climate that is either normally cooler or seasonably cooler, a hotter thermostat can help the heater work better. A hotter thermostat has been demonstrated to be SLIGHTLY (almost insignificantly) at helping the engine run more efficietly.

How hot does a radiator get?

The radiator sould not get no hotter than the water. If your thromestat ( please forgive spelling) say 180 than the radiator sould not get hotter than that or something is making run hot. But it can go up to atleast 210 before any damage is done

Why does my 1999 sts run hot when ac is on cools down after ac off?

I assume you are talking about the car`s temperature gauge. The reason you are seeing this is because the ac condenser is in front of the car`s radiator. So when the ac is operating the air entering the radiator is hotter causing the car`s coolant to run hotter. It actually overheats and a/c automatically shuts down. possible causes for the overheating? Can you drive it all day long without the ac? Or does it only overheat with ac on?Check to see that both the ac condenser and the radiator are clean and clear of any foreign matter, maybe you picked up a plastic bag or something like that impeding air flow. Does the fan operate properly? Does the heater blow hot air? If not the thermostat may be the culprit.

Why is the top radiator hose hotter than the lower Is it normal for the top hose to be two to three times hotter?

The coolant comes from the engine at it's hottest through the top radiator hose, cooling as it goes lower and lower in the radiator until it comes out the bottom radiator hose at it's coolest temperature and back into the engine.

What will happen if there is no thermostat to regulate the temperature in an electric iron?

The iron just keeps getting hotter.

Would a thermostat make the heat blow hotter?

Yes, if the original stat was stuck open.

How has the atmosphere of the earth changed over time?

The Earth's atmosphere has changed due to global warming. which means the earth is getting hotter so the way that the earth's atmosphere is it getting hotter.

On your 1990 4runner transmission doesnt want to shift into overdrive until have been driving for 5to10 minutes and will downshift back into third gear having not changed accelaration?

This is due to a bad radiator. Replace radiator fixes problem. Don't want to replace radiator cuz you think it's still good....cover half of the front of the radiator so air only goes thru half and the radiator in turn will run a little hotter...this will also fix your problem but the heart of the issue is the radiator.

Why does your car get hotter than it should?

The thermostat may be going bad, and allowing the radiator coolant to get too hot.The cabin's interior never gets hotter than it should.My version:Mine? Because it has a supercharged engine 1 1/2 times the size of stock. Yours? In order of likelihood:Plugged or blocked radiator air flow, look for bugs, leaves, etcLow coolantBad water pump, they can be bad from excess clearance internally or bad bearings allowing it to wobble etc.Poor belt or belt tensionBad head gasket or cracked cylinder headStuck or sticking thermostatBlocked cooling system, corrosion in radiator or coolant passages in the engine

Do the thermostat need to remain in a 03 impala to prevent overheating?

Yes, too much flow through the radiator does not allow the water to cool properly (or enough) so it returns to the motor hotter than it should be, which in turn raises the temperature even more.

Nissan primera si 1997 my temp gauge goes just under red quikly but when driven at 50mph it goes back down as if ive just driven it for 5 minutes air filter and sparking plug replaced but still same?

The temperature gauge goes down when you drive faster because more air is passing over the engine to cool it. Sounds like you need a new thermostat. This is part of the cooling system, and has nothing to do with air filters or spark plugs. A thermostat is easy to replace. It will be where the upper radiator hose connects to the engine block. Remove the hose clamp, pull the hose off the nipple, and it is sitting right there. The thermostat is supposed to sense when your coolant is getting too hot. Then it should open and allow the coolant to run into the radiator, where it is cooled off. The water pump then pushes the cooled water back into the water jacket surrounding the engine block, where the hot water rises to where the thermostat is, to begin the cycle again. When a thermostat goes bad and does not open, the water stays in the jacket and gets hotter and hotter, and has no chance to cool down in the radiator. Eventually the engine overheats, unless you drive fast enough that the air rushing by keeps the temperature under control. In an emergency when the car is overheating in traffic, turn your heater's temperature to the maximum heat position. Even with the fan off, this will work. It sends the hot coolant through the heater core, which is like a mini radiator and will help cool down the coolant.

How have blast furnaces changed in 100 years?

they have got bigger and hotter

What is the normal water temp for a 71 El Camino 350?

Normal temp for a 71 El Camino 350 is in the 185 to 195 degree range. The thermostat can be changed to a different temp to make the engine run a little hotter or cooler.

What is the normal operating temperature range for a 1996 dodge ram 1500 5.2liter engine?

190 degrees tops. A bad radiator cap ( 16 lbs) can cause engine to run 10 to 20 degrees hotter. Also a thermostat not opening when its supposed to. Mine was running at 210 to 230. Six dollar radiator cap and nine for a t-stat fixed it.

1947 Mercury with a 460 engine It runs hot no obstruction to the radiator The temperature runs up 210 to 215 it has electric fan- radiator fan was designed for this engine.has not bowled over?

My question is, where is the engine coolant temperature sensor located, in a cylinder head or in the intake manifold close to the thermostat? If it is in a cylinder head it will give you a hotter reading than if it was in the intake manifold.

Has the use of the sun changed over time?

Maybe, but it does get hotter over the billions of years. Right now if I can remember it is getting hotter by 30%.

What happens if you put an automotive thermostat in backwards?

It is very, very difficult to accidently do this. The heat sensor is so obvious that it naturally goes in correctly, without trying hard at all. However, to answer your question, since the heat sensor on the thermostat is not down and feeling the heat correctly, since the water is coming from the radiator in a cool state, and IF you could install the thermostat upside down (backwards), it will sense COOL water and tell your computer (assuming a new car) that the water needs to warm up. Wrong message, hot hot hotter hotter equals ruined engine (saw it in the desert in California), equals no good engine, equals $ $ $ $ $ $.