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is it possible that it may have precats after the manifolds

AnswerHave you tried removing and cleaning the EGR valve? They get clogged with carbon. A gasket is available with a screen to help this problem.
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What if your car is rattling and exhaust smells of rotten eggs?

Most likely your exhaust is rattling and the smell is because your catalytic converter is bad

How do you fix rotten egg smell on a 2000 Cadillac DTS?

From exhaust?? Have catalytic converter checked.

Rotten egg smell from exhaust and missing after warming up and driving?

time for a new calitic converter its befor the muffler on the exhaust system

Kia sportage runs rough with rotten egg smell?

Catalytic Converter ... needs to be checked and/or replaced.

How can you tell if your catalytic converter is broken?

most of the time you will smell a rotten egg smell if its bad, or if you hear a rattling noise coming from your exhaust

What are the symptoms of cat converter failure?

The Catalytic concertor smells like rotten egg throughout the exhaust system or rattling from underneath your vehicle .

Why does the exhaust from my bronco smell bad it does not smoke or smell like a rotten egg?

The catalytic converter. They all smell, really strong may sujgest that it is going bad and needs to be replaced. Converters change the carbon monoxide to sulfur dioxide the rotton egg is the sulfur.

Why might cause a vehicle to smell like rotten eggs?

A part of your exhaust system, the catalytic converter, has stopped working correctly. You need to get a new one.

Your 88 corolla fx idles roughsometimes worse than others Sputters off idle sometimes has an oder at the tailpipe like rotten eggs Always poor mpg Whats upyou removed vacuum to the egr no help?

When you get an odor of rotten eggs coming from your exhaust it means that your Catalytic Converter is pooched. You must replace it. Call around to get the best price. The Catalytic Converter is a part of your exhaust system. Your exhaust system must be free flowing in order for your car to run well. If your car is sputtering and gets poor gas mileage it is because your Catalytic Converter is plugged up and needs to be replaced. Your car will most likely run much better afterwards. Good Luck! Jim.

What can cause a very smelly white smoke from the tailpipe?

The smell of rotten egg is coming from your catalytic converter that is plugged up White smoke is an indication of water (usually antifreeze) in the exhaust.

What causes a rotten egg smell from a car exhaust?

Too much sulphur in the fuel you are using. Buy gas from a different dealer and drive at least 100 niles or more. The excess sulphur is being oxidized by the catalytic converter into sulphur dioxide (rotten eggs).

Car exhaust smells like rotten eggs?

The car exhaust smells like the rotten eggs as a result of the hydrogen sulphide. This usually happens, when the engine is not serviced for a long time.

What causes rotten egg smell in 03 ls430?

That rotten egg smell is most likely emanating from the catalytic converter.

What would cause vacuum from the exhaust pipe?

Clogged catalytic converter or y-pipe. I had the same problem. Also, if you smell rotten eggs or have lack of power under load as symptoms as well, I can almost guarentee it.

Can having an old engine cause a bad smell coming out of the exhaust?

Having a dead skunk in the exhaust might be your problem. It's serious, I get it a lot in my Camaro. if it smells like rotten eggs its a bad catalytic converter....chances are its this much more likely than a dead skunk.

What makes a car smell like rotten eggs?

Car exhaust can smell like rotten eggs when the fuel has a lot of sulphur in it.

Rough idle on Chevrolet silverado 2003 truck exhaust smells like rotten eggs?

Bad news: the converter is shot and they are not cheap. Good news: they are covered by a 10 year warranty so you won't be paying for it!

Why would a VW Passat smell like rotten eggs?

i would have an exhaust person check it out its probably your catalytic converter going south. Try changing where you buy your gasoline as they may have added to much sulfar when blending.

2003 Cavaliers rotten egg smells?

Could be catalytic converter Could be battery

If you smell rotten eggs all around how do you get rid of the nasty smell?

A rotten egg smell is usually a sign of a failing catalytic convertor and also at times failing oxygen sensors. try the cat first and that should alleviate your smelly problem. answer before you change expensive catalictic converter, try using a different brand of fuel sometimes fuel company additives will make your exhaust smell like rotten eggs

Would alternator cause engine to knock and smell like rotten eggs?

No. Sounds like the catalytic converter is going bad. Rotten egg smell is a sign

Why would a 1992 Buick Skylark smell like sulfur and not start?

clogged catalytic converter Agreed.......the smell of rotten eggs is an indication you have a problem with your cataltic converter

Defective coolant temperature sensor cause sulfur odor?

These two mechanical conditions are non-related. The detection of a sulfur or 'rotten eggs' odor is indicative of catalytic converter failure/problem. As in the case of any emissions/exhaust component failure it is advisable to have it verified-diagnosed immediately to ensure possibly fatal exhaust gasses are not entering the passenger cabin.

How can you determine if an exhaust smell is coming from just your muffler or from a clogged catalytic converter on a 1995 Chevy beretta The smell is only on the inside of the car even if its runnin?

if its a rotten egg smell its probably the cat if its loud volume look for a blown gasket or a hole in the pipes

Why does my Mazda smell like rotten eggs?

You may have an exhaust leak. Better get it checked out. Any exhaust leaking into the cabin/passenger area can be potentially hazardous and deadly.