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I just had the same thing happen with my Nissan. Your car died because your battery is bad. The clicking sound is also because your battery is bad most likely. It could be your starter, but always start with the cheap and easy fixes before moving on. If it's not you battery it is either you starter or your ignition.

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Remote car starter stopped working after a new battery was installed How do you get it to work again?

If the remote car starter stopped working after a new battery was installed in the remote, the remote needs to be reprogrammed. If the remote starter stopped working after a new battery was installed in the vehicle, the computer might need to be reset by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes.

What is wrong with a car when it won't start it just makes clicking sound and the radio is working?

It is likely to be the starter is not working.

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How do you know if the starter is not working in a Sunfire?

If the starter isn't working, the car will not crank at all. When you turn the key you will either get a clicking sound (which could also mean a dead battery), or you will hear the sound of an electric motor spinning and nothing else.

Why did my Remote starter stopped working?

either the neutral safety wire is not grounded, or hoodpin wire is grounded. or the fuse is blown

Why does my car not start after it is jumped and no clicking sound comes from the engine.?

Do the lights and other accessories come on? Check the starter or the keyswitch if everything else is working.

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Your ford tempo's battery is new and so is the starter the lights go on so the battery must be working but the car will not turn over at all just this really loud clicking noise what is a starter rela?

Did you change the the relay? Look at the battery, follow the positive cable, goes to the starter relay, Is this clicking? Under $ 20.00, easy to change. Or just make sure you have good contact.

1992 ford escort and i have eveything electrical working in it but i cant get the car to start i do here a clicking sound though by the starter do you have any idea what the problem could be?


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Left and right stopped working? Check the fuse and/or the flasher relay. Only the left or the right stopped working? Check the bulbs.

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1990 Mercedes 190e and it was working fine and then out of no where the car wont start all you here is a clicking noise and the power goes out to the car help?

Check your battery connections. If the terminals are good then check the starter.

1989 Acura Legend clicking sound at starter motor?

A single click usually means a bad starter (unless the engine is stuck and can't turn over.) Rapid clicking almost a buzz would indicate dead or discharged battery or poor electrical connection from battery to starter. To be a little more sure, use a voltmeter to measure voltage while trying to crank. Below 9.5V indicates not enough electrical power available - battery issue. Higher voltage then 10.6V indicates plenty of juice, but the starter isn't working.

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2000 Mazda 626 won't start. It is not even turning over. there is a little clicking from the fuse box and that is it.?

the clicking is a relay working this is normally unless is doing it none stop. if that the case witch ever cuciut the relay is on has a high resistance and needs to be looked at. it sounds like you have a bad starter motor, to test it take a jump pack or jumper cables and a battery and put the positive(+) lead to the power termanel on the starter and the negative(-) to the casing of the starter. then with a screw driver jump across the power twermanel and the small( or s) termanel. If the starter is working the drive gear should move out and spin. hope this helps. NKB

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