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4L60E / 4L80E Always run a scanner first to see if a sensor is causing your problem. You can get a decent one on line or at any good auto parts store. call first to see if they have one. The transmissions, rear wheel drive 4speed automatics that are all computer controlled. Common problems are: Check engine light comes on. The transmission shifts erratically, slips or does not shift at all. These problems can be caused when the external sensors on the vehicle go bad. The input and output speed sensors, throttle position sensor or vehicle speed sensors need to be checked. The 4L60E transmission also has a problem with a hard 1-2 shift when hot, and a 1870 code. When rebuilding the transmission, I recommend that you always replace the valve body plate and install a sonnex Valve Kit TCC Regulator W/Sleeve. This is to help against having these problems in the future. On the 4L60E make sure you always us a AC Delco hardened shell when rebuilding the transmission. The 4L80E transmission has a lot of problems with the input and output speed sensors on the side of the transmission. They should always be checked first if you are having a shifting problem. An ignition switch that goes bad can cause a false shift solenoid code that comes up on a scanner. So be careful.

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Q: 94 Grand Am 4T60E Auto trans won't go into DR or Rev until engine reaches 180-200 deg then works prefect Then when it cools off same problem until it warms up again?
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