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94 Pontiac Transport 31L has problems downshifting and dies when car comes to a stop but only when in drive?


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2005-10-04 11:18:20
2005-10-04 11:18:20

the torque converter clutch soelinoid needs to be replaced.your computer should have a trouble code.(tcc.error-###) it is labor intensive repair and should be serviced by seasoned mechanic.

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- I just installed a new timing CHAIN on my 1997 Pontiac Transport that has a 3400 engine in it. If you get the kit at autozone that comes with the gears and new gaskets it only cost me $ 45.00.

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Buy a kit from auto parts or Wal-Mart comes with instructions

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The absolute best thing for you to do is to obtain a Hayne's 1990-1994 Pontiac transport repair book. If you can't find one at your local parts store then try the library. It contains step by step text and pics showing what you need to do.If you are NOT mechanically inclined, I would pay a shop to do it. Don't take unnecessary chances with your safety just to save a few bucks. As a matter of practice, do ONE wheel at a time. that way, you have an assembled wheel to look at when it comes time to reassemble the parts.

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