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Q: 94 legend the alarm horn works but the horn button doesntis there more than one horn or what else could there be?
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Where is the hidden alarm reset button on a 1995 cirrus?

The factory alarm does not have a reset button. An aftermarket alarm may have a reset. It could be located wherever the installer put it.

Alarm goes off when no one has touched it or hit panick button?

Could be a bad fuse... or another alarm went off near your car.

What is the button below and to the right of the steering column is it alarm?

If you mean one on the steering column, it is probably the hazard flasher button. Otherwise it could be anything.

Where is located the button to reset the alarm on a Chrysler Cirrus Lxi 1998?

The factory alarm is reset with the keyless remote or by unlocking the driver side door with the key. If you have an aftermarket alarm, the reset could be anywhere, but is usually under the dash on the driver side.

Who is the legend in The Legend by G Hongo?

there is no thing that could be a legend of a legend

Could you change a fire alarm to a frost alarm?

.......... u chubby ..................................................................................................................................

Why does the key for a 1997 BMW 740i set off the alarm when trying to unlock the vehicle?

Why does the key for a 1997 BMW 740i set off the alarm when trying to unlock the vehicle? We unlocked the car with the remote key so that we could get it jump started it. In the process of pushing the button to unlock the vehicle it set off the alarm also. We then tried turning the alarm off with the key but the alarm would not disarm, the doors would still lock and unlock with every press of the button as we desperately tried to disarm the alarm. After a many tries we finally got the alarm to stop. Could you tell us what caused this to happen and what we need to do to keep it from happening again? We still haven't been able to jump start the vehicle because we are afraid that we will set the alarm off again. Please help us. Thank you.

Do you have to be dead to be a legend?

sometimes you can be dead if you where a legend, but if you do something cool and you are still alive you could be a legend

You cant set the alarm on your koda istereo ip915?

The Koda iStereo iP915 does not have an alarm. You could probably set the alarm on your iPod.

What is the legend of Laoag City?

I could find no legend related to this city.

What is the fastest way to turn off the car alarm on a 2011 Elantra?

You can put the key in the egnition and turn it to start, it should work.If not press the alarm button on your remote key, if that doesnt work call the rental place and have them come out and help you it could be a problem with the vehical.

How do you disable the alarm in a 1997 Nissan Altima?

That all depends on what type of alarm it is. I dont think those came stock with an alarm. I could be wrong, but I think only keyless entry was available, but not a full blown security system. If it's an aftermarket alarm, figure out what type of alarm it is, and look around online for instructions on disarming it. Usually there's a switch or button under the dash and you have to push it a certain number of times or something. the only time I had to disarm one I had to push the button six times rapidly and then wait 30 seconds and push and hold it for 5 seconds or something...

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A person could buy Westclox alarm clocks at big box retailers such as Target and Walmart. One could also buy these alarm clocks at online shopping sites such as Amazon and Ebay.

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It is a story that could or could not be true.Like Tarzan.

If my car alarm goes off could it set others off?

Depending on how loud your alarm is,it is possible that it may set off another cars alarm.

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Could a person be pregnant if they have a inner belly button

Where could you find a aoss button on a ps3?

The button is on the router and not the PS3

Does a 2000 dodge caravan comes with a factory alarm?

It was an option. A dealer could tell from your vin number if it was built with the alarm.

Is alarm its own root word?

i guess you could say that

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I preset my alarm clock.

How many hertz is a alarm bell?

Different alarm bells have different frequencies. It seems to us that an alarm sounder could be constructed to sound at any desired frequency between 20 Hz and 20 KHz. Outside of that range, it would have little value as an alarm, because nobody could hear it.

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