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95 Jeep Wrangler Rio Grande 4WD shaft turns but the front wheel just set there doing nothing any ideas?



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95 Jeep 4WD

Assuming the front jug is not making horried grinding noises, does the front axle have lockouts on it?

when you shift into 4wd do you hear grinding or do you have a hard time getting it to 4wd? If so start w/ adjusting the linkage for your shift levers, you will find them under your truck, should be on the left hand side. diconect the linkage and put it to 4wd by moving the lever that is comming out of your transfer case, if it goes into 4wd, adjust the linkage, once the linkages is conected make sure it goes into 4wd low, high, net., and rear wd. if this doesn't work your shiftfork could be bent.