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Have the alternator checked to make sure it's working properly. The battery is just a storage device, that stores electrical energy for NEXT time you want to start the vehicle. If the alternator has failed, your battery won't be getting anything to store, and it will slowly be discharged as all of the stored energy is used. On the other hand, if the battery has failed, it won't be able to store electrical power.

2006-07-21 15:02:05
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Sometimes jeep will not start but if you tap the started it does?

starter is going out.....its happened to me plenty of times

Your 1990 Grand Marquis 5.0 dies when you drive it after it dies all the power is gone it cant be started again.?

have your starter tested, the solenoid on the starter sticks sometimes

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Where is the starter solenoid located on an 04 ford explorer?

If it is a v6 motor left side of trans on starter if it clicks when trying to start sometimes you can peck on starter motor to get started but will stop working again will need replaced

What part of the starter prevents the engine from driving the starter once it is started?

The starter motor

How do you tell if your starter is dead?

What I do to test the starter with out taking it out of the rig is run power directly do the starter and by pass all the electronics. sometimes that can be as easy as taking a screwdriver and jumping the terminals directly on the starter. Or taking jumper cables and hooking it up to the battery if the started responds then you know!!!! happy Motoring

Why car don't start after replacing the starter?

Assuming it started before the starter was replaced, the starter and/or starter wiring are not installed correctly.

Why does my1999 van just clicks sometimes when you try to start it and sometimes the starter stays engaged?

sounds like your in the market for a starter.

What is the purpose of the starter?

The starter fires the pistons that get the engine started. If the starter does not function properly, the car can't be driven.

Why does your starter keep going after van is started?

Solenoid the starter is stuck would be my suspicion.

Why won't my 94 Nissan sentra start everytime?

I just had the same problem with my Nissan nx2000.. What is more then likely happening, which was the case for me. Is the Brushes inside the starter are worn down. They supply power to the starter, so sometimes their touching but times there not. My brushes cost me $27, and $15 to put them in... verses a $110 dollar Starter. Good Luck. Hope this helps.

1988 Ford Taurus the starter wants to keep running?

The starter solenoid is not disengaging once engine is started. Rebuild starter or replace with a new starter.

Why would a 1996 Buick Regal sometimes just die while driving down the road if you have already had the recently installed remote starter checked and that is not the problem?

try replacing the crank senser,.

Why won't a 1999 Lexus LS 400 start every time without switching the ignition key on and off several times?

I had the same problem the car started sometimes and sometimes did not. In my case i needed contacts, the contacts in the starter was bad. It cost me $500.00 so my advice is to buy a new starter the contacts were $12.99 a piece and later on i found out that you can buy a new starter for $500.00

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Where is the started solenoid on a 2005 ford f150?

On the Starter

What causes a starter on 91 Nissan truck to start sometimes and not others?

Loose connection? Bad starter (flat spot)? Bad starter solenoid?

Started is turning but is not cranking?

The starter drive is shot. Replace the starter and hope the ring gear isn't damaged.

1996 Toyota Tercel starts sometimes after some clicking?

get your starter check I had same problem it was faulty starter

Where is the starter relay on a 97 Saturn sl1?

either the kick panel or on the starter itself. sometimes ther are 2 of them

How do you know when your starter goes out?

When a starter goes completely out then the engine will not turn over. A starter that is going bad could start sometimes or make considerable noise.

Where is the started solenoid on a 1993 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

On the starter.

What make the sound of the car whenever engine is started?


Why does my starter work only sometimes?

Without knowing even the make of your vehicle, I think you should suspect the starter contacts. They can get burned and worn away and barely make contact . . . or sometimes not.