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I had a 1994 and the same thing happened and the radiator was partially stopped up and flushing didn"t help. The radiator shop took it apart and rimmed it out for $ 60.00 and it fixed the problem.

2009-06-22 22:11:44
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What should the thermostat temperature be in the winter and summer?

68 in the winter, 78 in the summer

Do a Toyota Camry need a thermostat in the summer time?

Yes, not that you will often need the heat, but the engine is designed to operate at a thermostat controlled temperature summer or winter.

1984 Chevy thermostat temp for summer?

180 degree.

What is the best temp to set thermostat in summer?


Heating not working Ford Fiesta 1.3?

that's the complete oposite to mine! mine just keeps blowing hot air out! changed the thermostat and still nothing changed, in the end i just unhooked so it constantly blows cool air gonna be a problem in the summer!

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Why would heater blow out hot in the summer and cold in the winter?

Could be a bad thermostat.

Should the thermostat be set and not turned off in summer and winter?

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When it is winter time your transmission runs great in the summer time it overheats you already changed the thermostat and the relay sensor?

Maybe cooling line is plugged or crimped Maybe cooling tank in radiator is plugged Install auxilliary transmission cooler

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How do you replace the summer thermostat to a winter thermostat in a 96 Dodge Caravan 3.0 liter?

You don't. The proper thermostat is 195 degrees. The only reason to change the thermostat is because the one in it went bad. If you use a lower temperature thermostat, or none, the heater won't get warm, and in the summer, you can overheat. If you find a higher temperature one and install it, it is possible the engine will heat up as much as 1 minute faster, but the engine may run hotter as well, making it less efficient and possibly decreasing its lifespan.

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What is the thermostat temperature for a 1990 Chevy Caprice?

180 degree in the summer time and 195 degree in the winter time.

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My 2001 Jeep Laredo no heat changed thermostat still no heat no problem with fan can feel slight warmth if don't switch on fan but still no heat ac works great in summer Can anyone help?

Broken blend air door/actuator....replaced many of them

What thermostat for 1977 Chevy truck 350 engine?

195 degree in winter time. 180 degree in the summer time.

Do you need a thermostat in a car in the summer?

yes because it will keep you cool in the summer and in winter keep your self warm A thermostat is a necessity in a modern engine. Its job is to block the flow of coolant to the radiator until the engine has warmed up. When the engine is cold, no coolant flows through the engine. Once the engine reaches its operating temperature (generally about 200 degrees F, 95 degrees C), the thermostat opens. By letting the engine warm up as quickly as possible, the thermostat reduces engine wear, deposits and emissions. Leave the thermostat in the engine all year round.

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Why after I replaced the thermostat on my 1993 Toyota truck 4 cylinder does it still overheat and get hot?

first of all, do you have the right thermostat? ie: winter, summer. if so i would get the radiator checked, it may be getting pluged.