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Sounds like switch, and yes with a puller.

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How do you remove the pulley on a power steering pump for a 97 gmc pickup?

That requires a special PULLER. Need a power steering pulley Puller.

How do you remove the steering wheel from a 1973 Chevelle steering column?

you need a steering wheel puller to get it off.

How do you replace power steering pump pully?

With a power steering pump pulley puller. Many auto parts stores will rent you the proper puller to do the job.

How do you get the fuse out?

fuse puller under steering wheel

How do you remove pulley from power steering pump 95 Chevy silverado?

This requires a power steering pulley puller. This puller is designed to remove and install a power steering pulley without damage to the pulley and or pump. Attempting to do this without the puller will result in damaging the pulley or the pump or both.

Power steering pulley 1997 Buick Riviera?

Power steering pulley puller Snapon?

Do you need a puller for the arm bolted to the bottom of the steering box?

On some vehicles you do need a puller to remove the Pitman arm.

How do you change the steering wheel?

Take the nut of the steering wheel under the horn and use a puller to get it off

Should the pitman arm be heated to be pulled?

NO NO NO. If you heat it, then you will mess up the seals in the steering gear box. Just put a little pressure on it with the puller you got and then tap it with a hammer. Then tighten puller alittle more and tap again. May need to do it a few times and then it will come off.

How to Replace 1969 Chevelle steering wheel?

take horn cap off the center of the steering wheel and you will see large nut holding the wheel to the spindle, loosen nut and then you will need a wheel puller, install puller and tighten the nut down on the puller until the steering wheel frees itself from the spindle and your done.

How do you remove steering wheel from Kenworth T 600?

You gotta pop the cover off with a screwdriver, remove the retaining nut, then you need to use a puller either specifically for steering wheels or a harmonic balancer puller to separate the steering wheel from the column.

How do you get the fly-wheal off a ride on lawn mower?

The best way is to use a Puller like a steering wheel puller.

How do you remove steering wheel on a 1992 S10?

The 93 requires a steering wheel puller, possibly the 92 also.

How do you get the fly wheel off a Briggs and stratton 12.5cc?

You need to have a pulling tool like a steering wheel puller or a t-type puller.

How can you get a steering column pivot pin out once the puller is broke in it?

Big Problem Remove column from vehicle Drill out puller or drill out pin.

How do you remove the Pitman arm on a 1998 Chevy silverado?

Hey, you need to buy or rent a pitman arm puller. lock the steering wheel on center, remove pitman arm nut, then use the puller to release the pitman arm from the steering gearbox. make sure not to turn the steering wheel while unhooked from the pitman arm or you will damage the airbag clock spring in the steering wheel. good luck and be carfull ps, you may have to tighten the puller then tap the head of the screw on the puller then tighten then tap ect.

How do you remove a VW radiator fan from the fan motor you have tried tapping?

try using a puller.(3arm puller or a bolt puller) its almost the same tool used to remove steering wheels.

How do you take steering wheel off 1973 Plymouth?

Remove horn ring or button (twist to remove) Remove center bolt on steering wheel Mark location of wheel in relation to steering column shaft for proper re-install Get and attach a steering wheel puller Tighten nut on wheel puller until steering wheel "pops" off

How do you replace the steering wheel on 1997 Toyota Camry le?

You need to get a special tool, steering wheel puller. If you have it, disconnect the battery. Remove the steering wheel air bag (there are two screws holding it in place). Disconnect the bag harness. Remove the center steering wheel nut. Using the puller remove the steering wheel. Installation is reversed to removal.

What do you need to remove the steeringwheel on a 1978 f150?

you need a steering wheel puller.

How do you remove the original steering wheel from a 1988 Cadillac?

You need a steering wheel puller. Any Auto Parts store can help you.

How do you replace a power steering pump on a 1989 Chevy truck?

you will need a power steering pulley puller other than that its gravy

How do you get the power steering pulley off a 1999 suburban?

It requires a power steering pulley PULLER. You can rent them at some parts stores.

Changing power steering pump on a 1997 Chevy S10?

You will need to buy or rent or borrow a power steering pulley puller. Trying to remove and replace the pulley without the correct puller will surely damage the pulley and or the pump.

How do you remove gm power steering pulley?

This requires a special puller for the specific type pump. Many retail parts supplier rent this type of puller.