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Check th heasdlight relay and also for cut/broken wires.

2011-09-12 07:53:01
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How do you turn fog lights on a 2002 limited explorer?

On a 2002 Ford Explorer : On the headlight switch , select automatic , park lights, or low beam headlights and pull the headlight switch out towards you to turn the fog lights on ( push the switch in again to turn the fog lights off )

How do you fix the headlight on a 1994 Nissan Sentra if the passenger side headlight does not work the highbeams do but normal driving lights do not?


1996 ram driving lights relay located?

The exterior lights do not have a relay. They are directly turned on by the headlight switch.

Why is the lights on your outside mirrors staying on even when Explorer is off?

Turn off the dimmer for the dash which in a 1998 Explorer is to the right of the headlight switch.

2002 impala Interior lights stay on while driving?

If the interior lights stay on while driving on a 2002 Impala, there could be a problem with the headlight switch. Check the relay center for the headlights that is just behind the headlight switch.

Why will not my Head lights will not pop up on your 1987 trans am?

Electric headlight motors need replaced.

Why do low beams work when daytime driving lights are on but when auto or manually turning on the lights a left low beam does not work on a 1995 Ford Explorer?

Because your daytime running lamps use a reduced output of your high beam headlights. The low beam filament on your left headlight is out. Change your left headlight bulb, and your all set.

Headlight bulb 1998 Ford Explorer?

High and Low Beam Headlight - 9007Fog Lights - H3Boslla offers high-performance Led headlight bulbs for these bulb sizes.

Concerning my 2002 Chevy Express 3500 When the headlight switch is on the tail lights and dash lights don't work. I have replaced the headlight switch and looked at the fuses Any suggestions?

and that didnt fix the problem?

Why would the fuses for the parking lights and dash lights keep blowing out on a 1994 Explorer?

Check the plug-in for the trailer lights, if it has one. If not, check the Headlight switch. It probably has a burnt wire.

Turning on fog lights for ford explorer 2004?

I believe you turn your headlights on low beam and then pull out on the headlight switch

The fuel and speedometer lights are out in your 1990 Chrysler New Yorker?

Of course ,first check the fusebox. If all fuses check out ok, I think the headlight switch is bad. I had a problem with indicator lights and my running lights were not working.(Tail lights,). I tried everything and finally replaced the headlight switch and that fixed it! About $25.00

What can make 1992 Lincoln lights flicker?

your headlight switch needs to be replaced. My Lincoln had the same problem, it all stems from the auto dimmer feature...replace the headlight switch (mine was 70-100 dollars) and your lights will work fine.

How do you turn on driving lights in 2000 Dodge Dakota sport?

When turning headlights on, pull out on headlight switch knob.

Disable daylight running lights of ford explorer?

The daylight running lights of a Ford Explorer can be turned off by using the manual headlight control switch. Place the switch in the middle position to turn the daytime running lights off. The headlights will then need to be turned on manually at dusk.

Where is the fog light switch on a 1998 explorer xlt?

If fog lights were OEM equipment, try pulling on the headlight switch when low beams are on.

How do you turn the fog lights on or off on a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT?

Turn your headlight selector switch on your dash to the low beam position and pull the knob towards you to turn on your fog lights

You are fitting Driving lights to your 2001 Rav4 Cruiser Can anyone please tell you where you can pick up the High Beam active wire so you can activate the relay which operates the Driving Lights?

Tap at the plug at headlight Hi-Beam

Is there a way to temporarily disable all interior lights in the Ford Explorer XLT so they don't come on when the doors are open?

locate the fuse to the interior lights and remove it. On our 98 Explorer you turn the dash light adjustment switch off, next to the headlight switch.

What does the dashboard symbol that looks like a green headlight mean when it is lit up?

On many vehicles, that means that the daytime driving lights are on.

You have on very dim headlight and one regular headlight it is the same on brights if you mess with the dimmer switch it will get bright but then your tail lights go off what is the problem?

I would check all the wiring first. Then, you should probably figure out if any lights need to be replaced. That's my guess.

2000 camaro dash lights not working. I replaced the headlight switch and still nothing. But if I jump the switch dash lights come on. So light bulbs do work.?

check the fuse for dash lights

How can you fix the driving lights on a 2005 GMC Z71 to stay on when you turn on your bright lights?

you have to bypass the headlight switch, but in most states it is illegal for both to be on and most of us inspectors check for that especially with a lot of aftermarket lights.

How do you get automatic interior lights to turn on when you open the door on a Ford Explorer?

Has your gauge lighting dimmer switch ( to the right of your headlight switch ) been turned all the way down ( or to one side ? ) Depending on the year of Ford Explorer that can keep your interior lights from coming on when you open a door

What is the best headlight for night driving?

The best headlights that you can purchase for a 1992 Honda Civic for night driving on the daytime running lights. You can also purchase those fog lamps as well.