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Before I did anything else I would change the filter and fluid. Has that been done yet?

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โˆ™ 2006-03-07 22:06:34
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Q: 96 ford explorer automatic lately it has been shifting at a higher rpm 4000 and the reverse needs a lot of gas sometimes it just wont go in reverse someone said it might be the ec control any idea?
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What is a slave valve?

automatic transmissions have a slave valve to control shifting

What is a transmission control solenoid?

There can be several transmission control solenoids inside certain automatic transmissions. Each solenoid has a function that controls shifting including overdrive.

Are people reporting problems with the ford explorer climate control?

i have a problem with the automatic climate control the fan has only high speed

Can a vehicle be Automatic and Manual transmission?

Yes and no. Many cars will provide a manumatic type of transmission, in which the driver can designate whether they want to the car to drive fully automatic or in a sportier mode where they have control over gear shifting. The shifting is usually performed on the selector lever or on paddle shifters with no clutch. Even in this mode, the car will up-shift or down-shift for you if possible damage to the engine could occur. More expensive cars sometimes will come with transmissions in which they can choose between an automatic or manual transmission, and then further designate how aggressive they want the shifting to be.

Is standard faster than automatic?

A standard transmission is not necessarily faster. You do however have more control over the shifting sequence, so you can often push the car more than an automatic would allow.

1999 explorer xlt have automatic four wheel drive?

The control trac four wheel drive system has auto , high , and low settings on the 1999 Ford Explorer

Does shifting cultivation control pest?


How much does a 1996 Ford Explorer weight?

My ( 1995 ) Ford Explorer XLT , with 4.0 liter V6 , automatic transmission and control trac 4 x 4 system , had a shipping weight of ( 4,053 pounds )

Why would the cruise control not work on a 1997 ford explorer?

not connected to transmission or the plasitc gear there stripped. sometimes the unit goes bad on the control arm

What part of the brain is the control center for automatic functions?

The cerebrum is the control center for automatic functions.

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No, the heart pumps the oxygen to the brain which allows the brain to function properly. However, the brain can still maintain itself for 2 minutes without flow of oxygen. Anytime after that gives brain damage. [except in the exception that you have larger lungs] The brain doesn't and does control everything, their are two forms of actions your body processes. Automatic and Manual, there is also a semi-automatic that you can control at will. Examples, heart beat is automatic, you can't control it. Moving your finger is manual, you completely control it. Breathing is semi-automatic, you can control it at will but sometimes it's automatic, (when sleeping for instance.)

What has the author V V Solodovnikov written?

V. V. Solodovnikov has written: 'Automatic control and computer enginering' 'Statistical dynamics of linear automatic control systems' 'Introduction to the statistical dynamics of automatic control systems' -- subject(s): Automatic control, Cybernetics, Transients (Dynamics)

What is the transfer case fluid capacity for a 1996 Ford Explorer control track transfer case?

According to the 1996 Ford Explorer owners manual : 3.0 pints ( 1.4 liters ) Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid in the transfer case

What kind of transmission does a 89 325i have?

If your car has an automatic transmission it is either a 4 HP 22H or the 4 HP 22EH ( with electronic control shifting). If your car has a manual transmission it is the 5 speed Getrag 260.

What has the author T Crouch written?

T. Crouch has written: 'Theory and problems of automatic control' -- subject(s): Automatic control, Control theory

Saturn 2001 sl automatic has hard shift when shifting gears?

Most likely pressure control solenoid in transmission....Easily tested with proper scan tool ALSO try changing EGR valve. Will REALLY HELP!!!! I just changed mine, all my hard shifting and jerking in reverse went away.

What has the author Martin Healey written?

Martin Healey has written: 'Principles of automatic control' -- subject(s): Automatic control

What has the author William A Wolovich written?

William A. Wolovich has written: 'Automatic control systems' -- subject(s): Automatic control

What is an automotive computer system?

if your refering to an ECU it is the central control center for your car. it regulates speed, temperature of different thigs like oil--it does every thing you dont do your self. like shifting gears in an automatic transmission.

What does the transmission computer control?

The transmission computer is only found in automatic cars because it controls that which in a manual car the driver controls, the shifting. The transmission computer is what generally makes a car automatic because it changes gears automatically without any effort from the driver (except of course the gas & brake).

Does the speed control sensor make the transmission change gears?

A "speed" sensor can affect the shifting of the trans.

What is the difference between a Camry LE and a Camry XLE?

XLE has automatic heated lether seats, heated mirrors (sometimes optional) and sometimes climate control. Also XLE has V6, when for CE it was optional.

What is an automatic refrigerator?

termastat control

Can you swap 95 dodge 2500 transmission with a 99 dodge 2500?

Manual, yes.Automatic, no. The control systems are differentManual, yes.Automatic, no. The control systems are different

How do you check 1996 ford explorer for automatic ride control?

Open your liftgate and look in your jack storage compartment ( drivers side rear area ) and see if there is an on / off switch for the air compressor