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On the grand Cherokee along with the regular Cherokees there are between 2-4 drains per floorboard area. They are located under the jeeps carpeting, it's usually a rubber grommet, long an oval, about 1-2" long set into the floors. In the front floorboard area, there should be one in the upper left side closest to the kick panel, one closest to the driveshaft hump under the ashtray area on the right and 1-2 in front of the driverside seat under the carpet also. Same locations on the passenger side. Hope this helps.

the a/c drain is located ont right side on the firewall of the engine compartment below the reciverdrier large silver or black canister with ac lines running to it. the drian is most likely plugge a small amount of compressed air could clear it. or close all the a/c vents inside Jeep. turn the selector so the air coming out the vents then turn fan on high setting this may force the drain to clear.

2011-09-12 07:53:03
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Q: 96 jeep grand checokee has leak on floor board from ac condensate but can't find the drain need a little more help on the exact location?
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