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Check the ASD (automatic shut down) relay under the hood. If it's good check fuse # F6 (30A Maxi) and see if it's blown. If it is there are a LOT of things it runs.

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You replaced the distrbutor and rotory start button and your 1983 Oldsmobile car will not start what is your problem?

if there is power, change coil. if there isn't power, change battery

Why did your dodge neon lose power and it has a fouled plug how do i fix that?

A fouled plug can be caused by many things. The color of the plug can give an indication of the problem. The loss of power is due to the cylinder not producing the proper amount of power. Check the plug wires, coil, and compression for that cylinder to give an indication of the problem.

What is the problem if the middle coil of a 1991 Dodge stealth DOHC 6 cylinder is not firing?

bad coil pack... replace coil pack

1996 ford f-150 6 cylinder No fire from the coil to distributor?

need a new coil or coil wire if you are getting power to the coil

WHY DOES Cylinder 3 misfires 98 ford explorer?

Could be a bad coil (each cylinder has its own) common problem

What causes a cyl 4 misfire in a V6 Ford Escape?

possibly the coil, it is the most common problem. what I do is remove the coil clean the spark plug and remove the coil and spark plug from the cylinder next to it and swap it clear the code and drive it if the same cylinder triggers light you the problem is not ignition , on the other hand, if the swapped cylinder triggers light you now know that you need coil and plugs.

Where is a coil wire in 2003 Chrysler 300M?

The 3.5L has a coil on each cylinder.The 3.5L has a coil on each cylinder.

How do you fix a P 0303 cylinder 3 misfire code on a 2004 Ford Mustang Mach 1?

Probably the easiest thing to do is take the cylinder coil and swap it with another cylinder. Start the car and see if the misfire moves to the new cylinder, If it does the problem is either the coil or the plug boot. If it doesn't move, check the spark plug for breaks in the porcelin and plug gap. next check the connection to the cylinder coil. It is most likely the coil but they are a little pricey so it's worth it to take the time to troubleshoot a little. Good luck to you.

Cylinder coil on Mitsubishi eclipse keeps going bad why?

it might be next to something hot. or there is to much power going to that coil. it might be next to something hot. or there is to much power going to that coil.

Why don't i have spark on jeep Cherokee laredoi replaced engine i had spark before replacementthere is little bit of power going to coil but none coming out of coil.?

get a new coil. a coil on an engine is designed to take a little power and make it into BIG power. also check wires and connections going to coil. your problem sounds like the coil though. good going in, nothing coming out. there's your problem.

What else could be wrong besides cylinder 1 ignition coil when the service engine light codes indicate cylinder 1 misfire and Knock?

I had the same problem and went ahead and replaced cylinder 1 coil and all the spark plugs and it worked.

What can be the problem with a 2008 crown Victoria misfiring on number four cylinder?

Moisture in the COP (coil over plug) boot/assembly, bad coil, bad plug, bad injector, poor fuel pressure, poor cylinder compression. Or damaged coil boot causing the coil to flash over.

8 cylinder misfire on 1999 Lincoln navigator?

The most common reason for a misfire is the ignition coil that is connected to the sparkplug on top of the problem cylinder.

Why would your 2000 Lincoln LS misfire?

Bad ignition coil? Common problem each cylinder has it own coil located at the top of the spark plug

How do you see if the coil is working on 2002 Chevy?

If theres a miss fire on a cylinder you check engine light will tell you.. Switch the coil from that cylinder to another and siwtch that coil to the cylinder that the computer says is missifing. If the cylinder you put your suspected coil on miss fires then you know its a bum coil.

1991 Dodge Dakota that won't START - I have already replaced the pick-up in the distributor and coil and coil wire you have power to the coil but there is not power coming out of the coil - help?

Replace the ECU.

Why is there no spark on number one cylinder from the ignition coil?

After testing the coil for proper resistance and finding they had the proper values, I swapped them from one side to the other. The coil with no spark still had no spark. A new coil was installed, problem solved.

What could be the problem if cylinder 3 IS not firing in a 1999 expedition 5.4 liter Triton motor?

I'm not a mechanic / technician but it could be the spark plug , the coil for the # 3 engine cylinder ( you have the Coil On Plug ignition system with ( 8 ) individual coils - one coil for each engine cylinder / spark plug ) , a problem with the fuel injector for that engine cylinder not delivering the proper air/fuel mixture , or some other problem . The engine cylinder locations are numbered : firewall 4 - 8 3 - 7 2 - 6 1 - 5 front of Ford Expedition

What could be the problem with the number 2 cylinder changed plug but still missfire?

Change the wire, or coil plug

What is a cylinder 1 misfire on a 2003 VW Jetta?

cylinder 1 misfire, is probably a bad ignition coil, it plugs into the spark plug as a coil wire unit, if you have a v6 your #1 cylinder will start on the passenger side and #6 will end on the driver side if its a 4 cylinder #1 will be closer to the radiator and 4 will be closer to the front window, bad coil causes loss of power, and just a shakey ride, it can easily be replaced and cost about 30.00 bucks also think about changing your plugs while you're at it.

What happens when the ignition coil is bad?

When an ignition coil goes bad the car will not run right, or not at all. An intermittent coil will cause shudder, or a jerking motion. When the coil has no output then the cylinder that the coil feeds cant burn the fuel and cause power.

Why doesn't my 1992 Toyota Camry have a juice from the coil to the distributor after I just changed the coil and ignitor?

It sounds like the Camry has lost power to the coil. Check the wiring from the coil to the power, and check the coils ground circuit. Either of these can cause the problem.

How do you fix cylinder 1 misfire on a 2002 ford windstar?

1) Have vehicle scanned to determine which cylinder is misfiring 2) Does vehicle have C.O.P. (coil on plug)? usually a bad ignition coil on that cylinder 3) Remove spark plug from that cylinder and do a compression test to determine if problem is internal to the engine (bad valve or ring).

Why would a 1996 Toyota Rav4 start hard when it is warm?

my best guess without actually looking at it would be the ignition coil. sometimes as they get warm the coil can "go open" making it harder to start. try this to see, when the engine is overnight cold, locate the ignition coil by following the coil wire from the center of the distributor cap to the ignition coil. take a hair dryer and blow it on the coil until it is warm to hot to the touch(a heat gun works better and much faster) try to start the car. if you have the same problem as when the engine is hot, you've just identified the problem. a bad coil. the procedure is the same if there is no distributor cap except that there are 2 coils on the drivers side of the cylinder head instead of just one. try the same test just do them one at a time to see which is the problem.

What does p0303 mean for a 2004 freestar?

This means that your vehicle is missing on cylinder 3. You will need to have your coil changed to fix this problem

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