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97 Chevy Tahoe gas and spark wont start?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-22 11:37:32

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check the relay for the engine control computer, and the tps and maf sensors

2007-06-22 11:37:32
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Q: 97 Chevy Tahoe gas and spark wont start?
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Why wont your 2.2 Chevy cavilier start but it cranks?

You are missing fuel or spark.

97 Chevy won't start?

if it is cranking but wont start check for spark, fuel, air and compression.

Why wont my04 Chevy classic start?

Does it turn over? Does it have fuel, spark, and compression

Engine won't start on a 1998 Chevy blazer 4.3 L V6?

1998 chevy blazer wont start good spark and good fuel presure

Why wont my 1996 Chevy 1500 start?

Does it turn over? No Fuel? No Spark? No compression? Weak or bad battery?

Chevy silverado get fuel and spark but wont start?

blow out distributor with air , check timing, or take a big hammer to it.

A 1985 Chevy s10 truck will turn over but wont start?

make sure the spark plug wires are firing

Why wont 1996 ford explorer start you can crank it but it wont start?

no spark

Crx wont start?

check spark check spark

Why wont your 83 ford crown vic start it turns over but wont fire up also no spark is getting to the spark plugs?

Since no spark, start with the coil!

Why did my Tahoe quit running and it wont start?

I didn't realize it was posting the question, I thought it was searching the database.I was driving along and my 98 Chevy Tahoe just quite. I assume it is the fuel pump and was looking for related discussions.

Why wont your Chevy 350 start when the timing spark and fuel are good?

you need three things for an engine to run. proper air/fuel mixture, compression and spark at the proper time.

My 1994 Chevy cavalier spark plugs wont spark?

your coil packs are bad. this is not cheap to fix. sorry.

Chevy lumina wont start on the first turn but does on the 2nd?

Could be you need a new fuel idle motor. Or you need new spark plugs

Why wont electric door mirrors work on Chevy Tahoe?

Check fuse. if that does not work broken wire.

John Deere stx 38 wont start no spark?

get a new spark plug

How do you reset your anti theft system in a Chevy Tahoe?

For some reason i think my anti lock system is on because my tahoe wont turn on anymore can somebody help me

1992 Chevy half ton 4wd 350 eng have spark and getting fuel but still wont start any ideas?

If you have the three things that you need Fuel, air, and spark then timing must be the culprit

Why wont your Mazda millenia start?

Check for fuel and spark

Petrol quad bike wont start?

has it goty spark

Why wont fog lights work on 2003 Chevy Tahoe?

It can be your switch or the fuse try checking the fuse first.

Why wont your 1992 Toyota celica start it turns over has spark and fuel?

If it has spark & fuel and will not start then the timing may be off.

Why captiva wont start?

Why my Chevy Captiva won't start? I changed fuel pump, spark plugs and cleaned the fuel injectors, tested the ignition coils all is good but still will not start. please help thanks.

92 tempo wont start does have spark can here fuel pump?

Could be broken timing belt. Do the spark plugs have spark?

Why wont your vehicle start?

appears no fire going to spark plugs