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check dimmer switch for headlights

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โˆ™ 2007-11-29 19:22:31
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Q: 97 cavalier lights wont turn off after turning the car off?
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Why turning my ignition on and wont turn off?

Turning my ignition on and wont turn off because it is faulty.

Ignition key wont turn on in 2000 cavalier?

turn key over turn key over

Why wont your cavalier turn over with good batteryplugs and fuel?

bad ground

2000 cavalier wont start and dash lights not coming on?

If the 2000 Cavalier has no lights an will not start, there is an electrical issue. Check the battery, alternator, and the wiring from the battery all the way to the starter to find the problem.

Headlights in Pontiac Sunfire will not turn on?

headlights and dash lights in 2001 sunfire wont turn on.

Why does the panel light up on your 1992 Crown Victoria but the engine wont turn over and you dont hear a clicking sound?

its suppose to. batt. is to low, engine switch is not good if the lights do not turn off when turning the key

Why wont your parking lights turn off?

There are a number of reasons why your parking lights won't turn off. There could be a wiring problem in the system.

How do you unlock a steering wheel when the key wont turn?

try rocking/turning the wheel while turning the key.

Your Cavalier will turn over but it wont fire this happened after you cut wires in the cab of the car?

well DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!

My PSP wont turn on at all not even the lights and it wont charge whats wrong?

your battery probably died

Car wont start wont even turn over the lights are on so its not the battery?

try testing the starter

Will the battery run down if parking lights wont turn off?

Of course.

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