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Possibly check the catalytic converter, make be plugged

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โˆ™ 2008-12-24 11:53:18
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Q: 97 grand Cherokee ltd Starts but only runs for 2 seconds then dies?
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Why does a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 2wd dies while driving and after few minutes starts again?

crank sensor ?

Why does your jeep grand Cherokee start then die immediately when cold may die 2or 3 more times until warm then runs great?

A Jeep Grand Cherokee that starts and dies might have a problem with the choke. Depending on how new the vehicle is, there might be a sensor for the choke that is not working properly.

Why does 1997 grand prix engine runs a few seconds then dies restarts runs a few seconds then dies again?

catylatic converter is plugged

Your 1995 jeep Cherokee Laredo dies on you sometimes 2-3 times a day it takes a while sometimes but always starts back other times it drives fine for days without quitting what is wrong?

Check the crank sensor, i had the same problem with my 94 Grand Cherokee

1990 Grand Plymouth Voyager cuts out and dies for no reason then starts after a couple of times cranking it?

If your 1990 Grand Plymouth Voyager cuts out and dies for not reason, but starts after a couple times of cranking, the starter might be going out. You can have the starter tested.

970 grand am starts then dies what should you do?

Get a new car dumb dumb!!!!

Car starts but dies in 5-6 seconds replaced fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator what can it be 1999 grand prix gtp fuel pressure starts out at 40 then drops completely and car wont stay running?

Has the fuel filter been replaced?

Why does your tercel starts then runs for about 10 seconds then dies?

Go have Your Fuel Pump REPLACED

Could the distributor be the problem when the engine quits runnig every 15 seconds on a 3o2 efi engine?

If you are saying the engine starts and runs for 15 seconds and dies and then starts again for another 15 seconds and dies . . . the distributor seems to be doing its job. You might want to check if there is a fuel restriction somewhere (filter or pump).

04 siveradostartsruns for about 5 to 8 seconds then dies?

If your 2004 Silverado starts and runs for 5 to 8 seconds and then dies, you might have a bad fuel pump or clogged injectors. You could also have an issue with the distributor.

Chrysler sebring starts then dies within seconds?

Computer chip is in key. It must not be programmed correctly.

1992 Jeep Cherokee starts but dies after a minute?

MAF sensor, it will start up but when no signal from the sensor it will shut the engine down

I have a 1988 ford bronco 5.0 Cant keep idle starts 15-20 seconds then dies?

i have a 1988 Ford Bronco XLT 5.0 4x4. The truck will start and idle for about 15 to 30 seconds then acts like it has no fuel and dies.

Why does a Briggs and Stratton 6.75 hp lawn mower engine stop after 2-3 seconds after it starts?

if it starts and runs for just a few seconds then dies it is generally a carburetor issue. clean or replace the carb and that should solve your issue.

Why does your 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee stall when you put it in gear it jerks some and then immediately dies when putting it into reverse or drive?

You need to scan for codes.

Why is the fan motor on 2002 jeep grand Cherokee running until the battery dies even though fan is not turning?

there is a shorted fan relay

Car starts fine but dies after 10 seconds every time?

sounds like an immobilizer fault or the battery in your key is faulty

What do to when the lawn mower stalls after 20 seconds?

try cleaning the carb. generally when it starts and dies it is a sign of a blocked passage in the carb

Why does my 1999 ford windstar van starts fine but cuts right off?

Sounds like it has to do with the micro-chip in the key. Starts for about 3 seconds and dies. In 1999 Ford installed a micro-chip in the ignition key for Anti-theft purposes. If the chip isn't there, or is malfunctioning, the vehicle starts briefly and dies.

1987 Pontiac 6000 wont stay running. It starts but after about 2 seconds it starts puttering then after about 8 seconds of puttering it dies. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

It definitely sounds like a fuel problem, the first thing I would do is change the fuel filter .

Car starts up runs a few seconds then dies out?

same problem with our old marquis. catylatic (sp?) converter is plugged remove it

Jinlun 50 scooter turns over good starts for a few seconds then dies and willnot start again?

check the carb...then adjust the valves...

What do you if your 99 Grand Cherokee is draining voltage and the car dies even after replacing and charging the battery?

Have you had the alternator checked? If an alternator is not working it can acually drain your batt. big time fast.

How do you know if Jeep Grand Cherokee pcm is bad?

The jeep will start and run for appox 10 miles then it dies, until it cools off The coil will stop Firing,I have a 94 Grand Cherokee, that did the same thing to me I replaced the coil still happen It was the pcm put it on the computer before it leave you on the side of the road.

Engine died going down road now engine starts but dies in 2 seconds it is a 1998 grand prix gtp?

Your using a copied key. There is a chip in the original key, and when a key is copied and used, the computer in the car reconizes that it's the wrong key and turns off.. Use the original key