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you still have aloose ground motor to body motor to battery under dash have fun

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Lawn Tractor will not crank Battery replaced?

Check headlights and dashboard lights first. If no/minimal power for the lights then replace battery.

When you use your brakes your headlights dim?

You could have a short in your electrical system, your battery might need a charge or be replaced.

How come your battery dies when you use your headlights?

because the battery is the source of the power for the headlights. there could be an issue with the battery or the alternator can be failing.

Why does my highbeam indicator light stay on and my headlights will not shut off without disconnecting the battery even though I replaced the dash switch on a 99 Dodge Dakota?

the problem is in your high beam switch. there is a short in it and it needs to be replaced

You had the battery and starter replaced now your headlights do not work what could be the problem?

Interesting?? I had my starter and battery replaced on my 2002 Saturn VUE and within a few months my low beams ands daytime running lights went out. Dealer says the post in the fuse block is burnt and the entire block needs to be replaced at a cost of over $600.

What causes headlights to not come on?

a flat battery

89 Camry V4 and every time you press the gas to get more acceleration your headlights will get brighter and the engine battery and door light comes on in your car what can be the problem?

Sounds like your alternator and battery need to be replaced soon.

What is wrong with a 1995 cutlass serra replaced battery and alternator but your lights will not work dash instruments come on but no headlights brakes taillights radio nothing?

Check the fuses

Why would all lights except the headlights work on a 1989 Ford Probe if you have replaced the bulbs and cannot find a fuse?

The fuses are located under the hood beside the battery.

What causes headlights to dim while driving?

Your battery is weak, or your your alternator is not charging battery.

How do you adjust the dash light brightness in your 2001 ford zx2?

I have no idea. Did you ever solve this? My dash board lights became very dim whenever I had the headlights on and my battery light kicked on occasionally. I thought it was the alternator so I just replaced it. The battery light issue is solved but the dash light brightness is still extremely low whenever I turn the headlights on.

Do headlights drain battery?

Yes, headlights drain battery power, but it is only major if you leave them on when you turn the car off, because the car might not start up after a bit.

When is not a good time to not use ones headlights?

Headlights should not be left on while the vehicle is not in use. If you are not driving, you will just drain your battery while having your headlights on.

How long can you leave your headlights on with the car off before your battery goes dead?

depending on you battery usually between 2-4 hours if you leave your headlights on. My Car battery was completly dead after almost 4 when i wrote my exam.

Does the battery have to be hooked up for the headlights to operate on a corvette?


Why do the headlights on a 1983 Chevy truck stay on no matter what?

even if you disconnect the battery the headlights stay on????????????? check the headlight switch

Why jaguar xjs will not start after a series of clicking noises but battery and headlights work?

Replace battery cable.

My 2000 Ford Focus has interior power lights and radio but won't turn over is it my battery or starter?

There is a simple test to check the battey. With the headlights on, try and start the car. If the headlights go out the battery is weak and should be replaced. If they stay on then suspect the starter is bad. Another thing it might be is the start relay or fuse. Refer to your owners manual for the specific location of these items.

Why are my headlights dim on my 1999 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.4?

Well there is 2 ways to could be your alternater or your check to see if it is your alternater pull of your positive cable and if the car dies it is your alternater if your car don't die then it is the battery and you might want to get that replaced

Where does the wire from the altanator go to to charge the battery on a 1984 Monte Carlo?

It normally leads straight down to the starter. However, I have seen some that lead into a smaller wire, going right to the battery. It all depends on if the wiring has been messed with previously on your car, or if a battery cable has been replaced.

What causes the radio to shutdown when you turn on the headlights?

I think it is a dying battery

Does turning on your headlights after jump starting a car help charge the battery?


Would a bad battery connection make headlights dim?


You have Honda civic car 96 model dx the battery has power but theres no power thu out the car everything is dead is there a fuse you need to replace?

There is no fuse between the headlights and the battery. If the headlights are dead, then your problem comes down to: battery (may have some voltage, but no current) and the battery cables.

Cannot get the headlights to work on a 1993 Nissan pickup replaced the switch and relay what is causing this problem?

i had the exact same problem and i also replaced the switch and relay. the problem was in the wiring right at the positive post on the battery. also had to clean up many of the fuse links as well.