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98 dodge neon won't start turns over fine has spark fuse and relay fine as well as fuel pump no power to fuel pump plug?

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Test for a broken wire between the fuel pump and power distribution box. Check for bad connectors also.

2006-11-23 14:16:48
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What does the start relay do on a dodge charger?

It sends power to the starter.

What would cause a 1994 to start and run fine and then not start I have replaced the coil with no success.?

Did you check to see if theres any spark from the plugs after it wont start... if no spark check to see if the coil is getting power, if not then check the ASD Relay on the fender near the battery. Theres like 5 relays there... The ASD relay cuts power to both the Coil and Fuel Pump.

1990 Dodge Spirit will not start. No spark. Have replaced ignition coil pickup coildistributorplugswiresrotor. Any ideas?

Did you check to see if the coil was receiving any power? If its not it might be a bad wire, or possibly the ASD Relay.

A 92 Dodge colt started ran died now it wont start and i have no spark why do i have no spark?

If you are getting power to your coil and you still have no spark at the spark plug, you have a bad coil. Beyond that you will have to chase the electrical system. could be a fusible link.

Why would an 1989 dodge spirit start and run a few seconds then shut off twice then have no spark?

Sounds like its the ASD Relay (Auto ShutDown). Its kicking on long enough to start and run for afew then kicking back off allowing no volts to reach the coil and that means no spark... the ASD Relay also can cut the volts to the fuel pump.

Does a 2006 dodge stratus have spark plugs?

yes it does, every car has spark plugs or it wouldn't start.

Why is there no spark in a 2000 dodge stratus?

no spark died while driving shortly after start yes has fuel pressure.

What is a PCM Relay?

Is the device (relay) that provides power to the Power Control Module, if this fails the car will be unable to start

No power from distributor to spark plugs?

My 93 camry has no power from the distributor to the spark plugs. The car unable to start.

Must a motor with a start capacitor have a relay?

A relay is not essential but larger motors have a relay which operates above a certain speed, to cut out the start capacitor, which improves the power factor and reduces power losses.

What would cause a coil to have spark but not the spark plugs on a 1975 dodge dart 360?

start with dist cap and rotor

Why a KIA Sport age 2000 has spark fuel and won't start?

If your KIA Sportage won't start but has a spark and fuel, it could be a the fuel pump relay or possibly a fuse.

1993 dodge stealth wont start not getting any spark what could it be?

sounds like the power transistor i just had the same deal allso could be the ECM

Where is the starter relay switch on 1992 Dodge Dakota?

It is in the power box under the hood. The power box is located on the drivers side, a black rectangle box almost above the steering column. The starter relay is in the row towards the fender, the relay towards the windshield. Try removing the cap on the relay and opening the contact points while the ignition is in the on position. I am having the same problem with my 92 Dakota (v6) and this is what I have to do to start the truck when it happens. I am having a problem finding a replacement relay, all the parts stores & dodge have the wrong relay. Good luck

How do you check the fuel pump on a Dodge Dakota?

There is a relay that runs the fuel pump, but befor you start probing around in there UNPLUG the PCM, (engine Computer), then loosen a fuel line and apply power to the relay and see if you get fuel. >>>> CAUTION

Car has spark but will not start turn over could it be main fuel relay 1987 Toyota tercell?

Could be the relay. Start there first- cheaper. Then Id check the fuel pump

Where is the power relay in your 1991 Honda Civic?

The power-relay box is located on the left underside of the steering wheel next to the fuse box. When the power relay malfunctions, your car may not start.

Why dodge avenger turns but does not start?

check the spark plugs. may not be catching fire.

How do you start a Mazda rx8 after flooding the spark plugs?

shut of the fuel relay and crank until it starts, then it will die. reconnect relay and your good to go

Why wont your 93 dodge stealth start turns over no start and it does not have a crank cencor do you need this?

If the 93 Stealth came with a crank sensor but it does not have one now, then it will not start. The sensor shows the ignition coil when to send power to the spark plugs.

Why doesn't 2008 dodge charger don't start?

It's either not getting fuel or spark is the reason it won't start.

Truck will not start but has power?

Check for fuel, spark, compression

Why would 1998 Dodge ram van turn over but not start?

Fuel, Spark, Compression?

Engine wont start no spark to coil?

Recently had same experience with my dodge and escort. in the escort it was the distributor and the dodge was the brainAnswerCheck your ignition module in your distributor that is a good place to start.

What do you check if a 97 Cavalier won't start even after you put a new fuel pump in?

Fuse, or fuel pump relay. check to see if power is reaching the fuel pump conecter just be for it goes into the tank if no power check the relay and the fuese if good check for spark if no spark try the crank shaft sensor and cam shaft senor it may have a low oil shout off sensor