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My car was doing the same thing but in mine, a dried leaf had made its way into the vent and was making the noise. Make sure the vent area is clear.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-14 20:17:24
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Q: 99 Grand Prix GT makes noise and rattles dash when fan comes on. Blower motor or fan?
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Why my 2001 suburban Blower motor when turned on makes loud noise?

The bearings are out of it. Replace Blower motor.

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2000 grand am makes a very loud rattling noise in the engine when you reach 2000 rpms. If you back off of it and then step on gas again it rattles a little and then smooths out when you first back off?

sounds like you need a valve job. how many miles on this car?

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1997 s-10 4.3 the heater turns on and off when it wants to what is wrong?

Probably a bad blower motor. Try tapping the blower motor gently with a hammer when it isn't working. It that makes it work, replace the blower motor.

What makes the blower motor keep running even with the control switched to the off position?

When that happens on a Chrysler Town and Country with auto temperature, the blower motor power module has failed. It is also called a blower motor resistor.

Why is the Blower motor on 1997 suburban is intermitting?

Try wiggling the electrical connector at the blower resistor. If wiggling this connector makes the blower go on and off, turn everything off and replace the connector before anything catches fire and burns the truck down.Next, when the blower is not working, set the fan speed to hi and try gently tapping the blower with a hammer. It that makes the blower come on the blower motor is bad and should be replaced. Also, use a test light or voltmeter to check for voltage across the two wires at the blower motor when it won't work. If voltage is present but motor won't work, motor is bad.

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Why do the floor boards of my 2004 Grand Prix GT keep getting wet when it's not raining?

It is most likely you condensor drain from you air conditioner is plugged. I am trying to figure out how to find it on my 2001 Grand prix right now. I am having the same issue. i took out the blower motor and it was full of water. It is all rusty and nasty now, but still works. It makes a weird noise now when I turn. I think the bearing or bushing in the blower motor is shot now that water got into it.

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