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The hydrologic cycle is essentially a water continuum, representing the different paths through which water circulates and is transformed in the natural environment. Being a cycle, it has no specific beginning or ending.

all of the land was under water and the world was all messy

Water is a natural resource because it isn't man-made. When mankind first came to the world, water was already present in the environment.

Distilled water is close to pure water, and if it was distilled in a clean environment it would be pure water. Thus no, it would not have maltose ( a sugar) in it.

it was water the world was all ocean and water signed Alexander Gregory hahahhaahhaaa yeait was like this though i read it in my science book well not read it but look at the picture

Water cycle helps in returning water to environment. Hence, it is helpful to environment.

yes water is present I air

At present (and I stress "present"), plants cannot grow without water being added to its environment in one form or another (water, water vapour etc.). This includes plans grown in terrariums where the water is recycled. However, take a look at the link below and see some of the research that is currently being performed in this aspect.

The never ending water process is the water cycle.

Industries usually pollute the earth by water pollution air pollution noise pollution and Degradation of environment in which they are present

To ensure the continuity of water, the water cycle is indeed important to the environment.

grey water effects the environment. if we drink grey water we can have diarrhea.

that are the effects of water pollution on man an his environment

COVALENT bond is present in water

there is no acid present in pure water.

water tanks are good for the environment because they only use rain water rather then water from dams

Water cycle rejuvenate overall environment. It is responsible for recycling of water.

what is the percentage of water present in the ocean and in land

no water is not present in a glass , glass itself is known as liquid

an underwater environment. aqua means water, so u should be able to figure out what aquatic means without looking herean under water environment stupidan under water environment stupid

environment study is a science in which we study about the environment and its interaction with living things for example we study about role of water in environment and how water interacts with living things

It is called either the water environment or the H2O environment.

Yes, it can be present in water, especially in hard water. Calcium carbonate may be present in small amounts as well as carbon dioxide gas may be present in small amounts dissolved in the water. None of these situations is a health concern.

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