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ABS light comes on and at the same time you have no power to windows wipers heater blower?

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try new ignition switch but not the key part of the switch the electronic part of the switch...when everything stops try turning the key towards the start position but don't turn to far as not to grind the starter while running...if everything comes back on it's for sure.but sometimes even turning the key will not work. remember the electric part of the switch only...

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Blower for heater 2004. Blower comes on and off at will. Where do I start?

Check the control module, the resistor, etc......

Why does the blower work on your heater in your 1993 dodge caravan but no heat comes out?

Because it is an Dodge. GET A CHEVY

If the warm manning gas heater pilot will light but goes out before the blower comes on what is wrong?

thermocouple is bad.

If heater fan is working but nothing coming out would the problem be blower resistor or switch for 1999 Oldsmobile intrigue?

If the heater fan works on all speeds, then the blower motor, blower fuse, blower relay, and blower motor resistor pack are all good. If the fan runs but nothing comes out of the vents, you have a 'mode door' issue (which might include a bad control head).

Can you still use the hot water if the blower motor stops working on the furnace?

Yes. Hot water comes from the water heater. The blower motor propels warm air around the house through the duct-work, but is not connected to the hot water heater in any way.

If you have no heat in your 02 grand Cherokee limited blower works heater lines are hot good circulation just no heat comes out?

If you have no heat in your 02 grand Cherokee limited blower works heater lines are hot good circulation just no heat comes out?Maybe blocked heater core. Also check thermostat.Your problem is with the blend doors in the GC. Check the HeaterTreater eBay listings for diagnostic information and a fix.

Can someone help my 2001 fiesta Mk5 heater blower not working?

Does it work on number 4 though? As mine does the same thing. And is due to the blower or something that needs looking at. Number 4 comes straight from the engine which is why it will work.

How do you change heater blower resistor plug on a 1996 Ford Ranger?

under the hood, passenger side, on the blower motor housing, towards the bottom, under the motor bump out.. unplug the wire clip from it, it comes out with 2 screws.

Your blower sounds like it comes on but the heat doesnt come out you can turn on the ac and that works properly What is your issue?

Check the blend door motor/mechanics or heater control head

Why does CD player keep going on and off in your daewoo matiz?

When blower comes on the windscreen wipers are faster then slow,and cd player turns on and off any explaination available could it possibly be that you have a short or wires loose and touching?

Why won't the heater or ac work in 97 Lincoln Continental?

The blower motor is shot, if it doesnt come out of the vents, feet, windshield, anywhere, its the blower motor, take it in and get it fixed before winter comes, your heated leather seats wont keep you warm enough bud.

What could be wrong with a 1998 Ford Contour will not start but engages and the windows and wipers do not work?

Check the wiring at the starter. Some fords have a power wire there, if it breaks or comes loose these problems can occur.

Water comes in passenger side of car when running blower for heat what can cause this?

This is caused by a broken heater matrix. I have had this problem and its is a real pain to fix as you need to take most of you dashboard off to get to it.

How do you repair a heater blower that won't come on in a 1998 Ford Contour?

First of all, check the fuse on the fuse box under blower motor. If the fuse is ok, the blower control switch could be the culprit. nius: ford contours are known for their fault heater blowers, the switch melts as well as the connections to it... the switch is 20 bux, for has a recal on the plug (10 year 100,000 mile which ever comes first) take it to a for dealer and they should fix it for free

The radio wipers taillight AC and windows won't work in Infiniti I30 No fuses are blow Please help?

i have the same problem. with my car i have to turn the key slightly back towards me and it all comes on.

Where is the heater fan located on your 2004 Chevy aveo?

under dash on passenger side to remove the blower moter all you have to do is unscrew 3 screws and 1 small hose and the moter and housing comes out

No heat comes out of your 1997 e-150 ford van but your blower motor is working and your gages show you should have heat?

Sounds like the heater core is plugged. Have a competent garage flush the radiator and heater core, then refill with fresh coolant. Should cure the problem.

Do you have to pay for Windows Movie Maker?

No, it comes with Windows.

Where is the blower motor resistor for 98 Kia Sephia?

Look under your glove box and locate the wiring coming out of of the blower motor. This wiring connects to more wiring coming out of the heater/ac ducting behind the glove box. That connecting wiring comes from the blower motor resistor. It is held in place by two screws, one on each side. Remove those screws and the resistor will slide out.

When you turn the blower on hot air comes out but a chirping sound?

the blower motor is going bad it will stop working shortly

What word comes before house blower paper?


1997 Dodge Avenger doesn't heat very well Blower motor works and some heat comes out?

i had the same problem w/my 97 avenger its a clogged heater core if u take the hose off from the fiewall and use a hose to unclog the heater core u should be all set.also thermostat can be gone id do thermostat then heater core

My 2004 dodge ram 1500 fan blower just stopped working ac compressor comes on but no air comes out of the vents The ac button does light up and the condensor fan comes on heat has no air either?

Some of the Rams had a recall on the blower motor wiring.I would check the wires at the blower first.If the wires are in good shape,then you may need to replace the blower.

Does the Toro 51591 leaf blower have attachments for cleaning gutters?

The Toro 51591 leaf blower has a blower vac attachment that comes with a bag. It does not have an attachment for use on cleaning gutters.

What does heater hoses do on a vehicle?

a heater hose runs from intake to heater core to radiator. the heater core is were the heat comes from inside the car as well as defrost