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ACDC's albums were released as follows:

High Voltage (Australia) 1975

TNT 1975

High Voltage (International) 1976

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 1976

Powerage 1978

Highway To Hell 1979

Back In Black 1980

For Those About To Rock We Salute You 1981

Flick Of The Switch 1983

Fly On The Wall 1985

Who Made Who 1986

Blow Up Your Video 1988

The Razor's Edge 1990

Ballbreaker 1995

Stiff Upper Lip 2000

Black Ice 2008

I forgot about the Extended Play album named '74 Jailbreak. It previously was only released in Australia. It was released in 1984 in the US, Japan and Canada. It only has 5 songs.

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Who sold more albums Aerosmith or ACDC?


How many aulbums does ACDC have?

ACDC has 15 Albums so far.

Who sold more albums Bruce Springsteen or ACDC?

ACDC have sold slightly more albums than Bruce Springsteen

How mang albums do acdc have?


Who sold more albums acdc or Linkin Park?

ACDC, without question!

How many albums did acdc make?


How many albums have acdc put out?

They've had 20 studio albums out so far.

Who sold more albums acdc or metallica?

AC DC have sold more albums

How many albums has Acdc sold worldwide?


Who sold more albums Kiss or ACDC?


How many albums have acdc released not including the us versions?


How many music albums has ACDC sold?

AC/DC have sold more than 200 million albums worldwide.

How many albums did acdc back in black sell?

currently 48 million.

How many albums has acdc sold worldwide as of September 28 2010?


How many songs does acdc have?

I have around 152 on my iPod and there are around 4 albums I don't have

How old is ACDC?

AC/DC was formed in 1973 and they are still touring and releasing albums.

How many albums did the acdc make?

28 Studio albums. I don´t like AC/DC I like Sweet it´s glam roock

Who sold more records Stevie wonder or acdc?

Both very successful acts in the music business, but ACDC have sold slightly more albums than Stevie Wonder.

What is ACDC 11th album?

If you count the original Australian albums, it would be "Fly on the wall". If you count only international albums, it would be "For those about to rock we salute you".

What are acdc's album sales world wide?

Acdc have sold well over 200 albums worldwide.

How many albums has acdc sold?

acdc has now sold over 210mill albums world wide. they overtook the stones and pink Floyd in album sales a few years ago and are now the n3 biggest album selling band behined the beatles and led zeppelin.

Who sold more albums acdc or Def Leppard?

Def Leppard sold 155,000,000 albums and AC/DC have sold 200,000,000 albums therefore AC/DC sold more than Def Leppard.

Is acdc better than kiss?

That is a matter of personal preference, they have sold more albums/CD's than KISS.

Why is acdc not on iTunes?

because angus young wants people to buy entire ac/dc albums and not single songs

Why doesn't ACDC sell their songs on iTunes?

ACDC does not sell their songs on iTunes because ACDC intended to sell their songs as whole CD's and albums, not individual songs. Since iTunes will only sell ACDC's songs in full album andindividual songs, ACDC and iTunes could not reach an agreement and their songs are not on iTunes.There are bands that do copy ACDC's songs, like AC/dB, but that is about as close to an ACDC song as you can get on iTunes.