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AC fan doesn't work?

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Q: AC fan doesn't work?
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The radiator fan on my 1991 lebaron doesnt work unless i turn on the ac or defrost then push the fan then it will work for a while What is wrong with it?

The fan motor has failed and will need replaced.

Why doesnt my 2003 dodge ram 1500 ac heater fan not work?

And I though Risister should have been spelled "resistor"

Why don't radiator fans work on a 95 Chevy Monte Carlo z34?

your driver side fan should come on at about 220 degrees which is about 3/4 way up the temp gauge and the passenger side comes on only when the ac compressor is turned on, if ur ac doesnt work then neither does ur passenger fan, if ur temp isin red and ur driver side fan doesnt come on then check your relays if ur relays are good then change ur coolant temp sensor and if that doesnt work then ur fan motor is most likely burnt out

No high ac fan?

No. Me No High AC Fan

You have Toyota Camry the ac no work suddenly even fan not work?

Ihave Toyota Camry ac is stop suddenly even the is stop too ?

Why Ac fan does not work on Max?

Your AC fan is not working on the maximum setting because you have a bad blower motor resistor. This is located under the dash or next to the blower motor.

Why is your ac heater fan not working on your Mazda 3?

One reason why an AC heater fan will not work on a Mazda 3 is that the fan is burned out. It will have to be replaced. However, first check to make sure that you have not simply blown a fuse.

How do you check condenser fan on 2003 dodge 1500?

first turn on the truck turn on ac if the fan doesnt turn then pull the harness and check for voltage if there is none check fuses and relays if there is then fan is bad

Can a blown fuse cause your AC fan to not work and cause overheating to the engine?

Yes, because it will cause your fan to not work at all therefore cause the overheating.

How does a ceiling fan motor work?

motor used in fan is universal motor, which can work both on Ac or Dc . The working principle is similar to the ordinary motor

Why does your AC in your jeep wrangler only work when it is moving?

Sounds like you cooling fan is not working.

Why does your blower to your ac and heater fan go on and off?

Why does your ac and heater fan turn off and on

99 Cherokee radiator fan and air conditioner don't work are they connected?

there is a serpentine belt that powers the ac, fan , water pump, and all that.

Why doesnt uplay passport work in ac revalations ps3?

it dont work if you buy second hand if it new then tell shopkeper or phone uplay

What is wrong with your 2002 Ford Explorer to make a noise when you turn on the fan for your ac?

Broken fins in the fan or a bad compressor. Or leaves and sticks stuck touching your fan for the ac side (assuming you have a separate fan for ac which you might not).

Why does my 2004 trailblazer ac fan only work on high?

The 2004 Chevrolet trailblazer air conditioning fan switch has three settings. The switch can malfunction, and only work in the high setting.

D-link wireless router it doesnt work for some reason but when i put the modem ac adaptor into it works but the routers doesnt work...what should i do?

Get a new adaptor.Source: What you said + common logic

Is the motor in a ceiling fan ac or dc?

is AC, bro...

Does a fan run on a dc current or ac current?


1998 Kia Sephia fan in front of your AC compressor does not work and check engine light comes on ocassionally You believe that the actual fan is good and working.?

I'd check the fan relay. that is just the fan for you ac not for cooling the engine, typically the S/B fuses will pop on these cars if not chdck the wiring

Where is the ac filter in a 2008 Chevy Tahoe?

the 2007 Tahoe doesnt have a AC filter i was wondering that to and called the dealer and they said it doesnt have one.

Why would AC not work in 1988 Lincoln Town Car but heater and fan work fine?

Low refrigerant charge? Bad compressor?

Why one of the fans won't work on 2001 Kia Rio?

The 2nd fan on this car is for extra cooling when the AC is turned on, if you turn on the AC both fans should run; the relay is the first place to look if that fan is not coming on.

Your ac on your 93 twin cam Saturn will not turn on also the fan does not operate what should you do?

i have replaced the fan, ( it does work when i attatch the code reader), the ac switch light does turn on, i have checked the fuses, all seem to be working, i am stumpted.

Why would the front ac work great but the reacr doesnt blow at all on a 2002 cevy Tahoe z71?

I have a 98 with rear ac. I had to replace a blower $165 from a local mechanic.