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you must have completed ME in any discipline ..

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Q: AICTE norms for joining as a lecturer in engineering colleges?
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What is the qualification for joining as a lecturer in polytechnic college as per aicte norms?

Qualification for joining as a lecturer in polytechnic, college as per aicte norms is B.E./B.Tech. or M.E./M.Tech. and M.C.A. for computer engineering department

What are the Aicte norms for joining as an associate professor in engineering colleges?

phd with 5 year experience

All AICTE colleges are tier 1 engineering colleges?

Not All AICTE colleges are tier 1 engineering colleges.It depends on your college infrastructure. I mean by your college labs, etc.

Aicte norms for joining as a librarian in engineering colleges?

Master degree in Library Science and PG with any other discipline and five years experience.

What is AICTE pay scale for lecturer in polytechnic colleges?

8000-13500 (50 % DA merged scale)

Is vinayaka mission aicte recognized?

Yes. The Vinayaka Missions University has two engineering colleges,which are Accredited by NBA-AICTE.

What are the Top 100 aicte approved engineering colleges in India?

lovely professional university

Aicte norms for joining as associated professor in MBA colleges?

mba/pgdm from a aicte/ugc recognized institute along with phd/fellowship programm

What are the aicte approved discipline in engineering in Rajasthan?

All India Engineering Colleges / branches list available on AICTE website Please visit for more details..... Sandeep

What is qualification for lab assistant in Engineering Colleges as per aicte norms?

what is the qualification for a lab assistant in mechanical engineering collage

What is the minimum qualification of maths lecturer in engineering college as per AICTE norms?

It must be a first class in M.Sc. Applied Mathematics.

What are the Aicte norms for joining as an assistant professor in engineering colleges?

To join in an engineering college as assistant professor, you have to posses M.E or M.Tech degree and you should have 5 years of teaching experience in an engineering college or research experience or industrial experience OR and Ph.D degree in the relevant field of Engineering.

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