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A '96 Chrysler Sebring 6-cylinder 2.5l automatic cranks but will not run what could be wrong?

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check all the fuses, check fuel pump, check power to ignition coils

You might also check to determine whether the timing chain is broken. Have had previous experience with cranking but no ignition with the timing chain as the culprit.There are many reasons on why it might not run, There are many sensors that might be the blame for the motor not to stay running. The crank position sensor or the cam position sensor which is located on your distributor. Your distributor cap and rotor can be worn. Your O2 sensors. Your throttle position sensor. All of these are ran by your computer(ECM), and if any go bad they can cause your computer to freak out and run very poorly or not run at all. I hope this has helped any if not at all.

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What are the symptoms when a crank sensor is bad in a 1996 Chrysler Sebring?

The most common would be engine cranks but does not start.

Why does my Chrysler sebring have no spark?

maybe ignition modual Car Cranks great but won't turn over, have checked fuel pump. I would start with checking the sensors. Cam, Crank, or egc if it is not showing any Codes. I had same problem with my Sebring, thought it was either the fuel pump, distributor, crank/cam censor. Took it to the shop and it was the distributor. May want to check it out. If you cant hear the fuel pump kick on when you turn the key on it may be a bad fuel pump.

Why would a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus not start it cranks but won't start?

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Your 2.5L V6 Chrysler sebring stalled out today and wont start back up The starter is fine it cranks but just wont start you are thinking the plugs but is their a way to find out before just changing?

1st thing to check is the spark. Remove a spark plug from the engine and plug it to the spark plug boot. Touch the plug to the cylinder head and crack the engine. Should see spark at the tip of the plug. If no spark, 2nd thing I would check is the crank position switch. It is located on the transaxle bell housing.

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