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Find the leaks and tighten the bolts. Also you may want to try some heavy grade of oil...not too heavy but perhaps a grade or two heavier than what is currently in the engine. Also,there are some additives which can thicken oil and you can pick these up at an Auto Parts store.

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Q: A 1991 ford explorer is leaking oil badly and the lifters are making a lot of noise It also has fauled 2 plugs after you put all new ones in it what could be wrong?
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how do you ajust the lifters on a Chevy s 10. its making a taping noise

Are noisy hydraulic lifters covered under extended drivetrain warranty?

If the hydraulic lifters are making noise they shouldn't be making, then there's probably more to it, and it's likely a problem which should be covered under such a warranty.

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