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alternator failure probably or possibly starter motor could also try the earth leads around the battery and starter also slim chance of a problem in alternator diode or resister pack located in or on the back of the alternater. just remembered try make sure the alternator belt is nice and tight (1 inch flex in longest length) if its loose and slipping it may not be charching the battery(wont always squeal when slipping)

2015-07-15 21:21:53
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How much does a Skoda felicia weigh?

The Skoda Felicia is a compact car made by Skoda Auto. Its weight is between 960 kilograms and 1,060 kilograms.

Torque setting for cylinder head bolts for a Skoda felicia?

torque setting for cylinder head bolts for a skoda felicia

Waterpump on a Skoda felicia?

It pumps water.

How do you remove an old battery and replace a new one for a Skoda felicia?

you have to take bar off between the front suspension struts

Where do the fuses go to in a Skoda Felicia?

in the fuse box

What oil type does a Skoda felicia take?

Castrol 10W40.

Tappet settings 1.3 Skoda felicia?

need settings

Skoda felicia ecu changed but not starting?

needs programmed

How do you open the bonnet on a Skoda Felicia Estate 1.3?


Where is fuel filter on Skoda felicia 1.6?

at fuel tank

What size speakers fit a 1998 model Skoda Felicia?


Skoda felicia 1.9d final drive ratio?

All skoda felicia has the same gearing! only the final gear is different! the car :3.833, pickup :4.118, and yes the Diesel :3.579! hope this helps.

Where can one see images of a Skoda Felicia car?

Google Image is a great place to find images of a Skoda Felicia car. Also automobile websites such as Car Directory, WhatCar?, and Automobilio contain pictures of this car.

How do you remove the driver's seat from an N reg Skoda Felicia?

Remove the bolts. Its as simple as that!

Were do you put the brake fluid in a 1996 Skoda felicia 1.3?

in the brake master cylinder

What type of oil goes in a Skoda felicia?

15w40 if 1.3 5w40 if 1.6 or diesel

How do you remove Skoda felicia dashboard?

buy yourself a haynes manual it even has pics :)

If Skoda felicia w reg battery over charging alternator been changed and no different what is the problem and how do you fix it?

In the engine bay, check and clean as necessary all the earth/ground connections between the engine and the body and the battery and the body.You usually dont need to change whole alternator, just regulator.Type depends on the model of your skoda

Cannot open doors with key on Skoda Felicia LXI V reg car Does replacing the battery change affect this Female driver?

if you changed the battery of the car recently you might need to get the keys re programed for the cars immobilizer

What do the dashboard symbols on a Skoda Felicia 1998 mean?

there are everal symbols, battery, handbrake,airbag, if its diesel you'll have a coil heating light, oil low indicator, headlights,sidelights,mainbeam

Where is the fuel filter for a Skoda felicia 1300?

the fuel filter on a felicia 1300 is located underneath the car, behind an exhaust shield and at the front end of the petrol tank.

How do you disarm the immobilizer in a Skoda Felicia?

in my skoda felicia 2000 there is a notch at the back of the glove box. I insert the little plug that is with the keys into it smooth side up. It beeps once, I remove it and insert again and get two beeps at which point I can turn over the engine again

Tappet settings for a 1.3 Skoda felicia?

Haynes manual says inlet 0.25mm, exhaust 0.20mm

When should you replace a timing belt for a Skoda felicia 1.9 gli diesel?

Stop procrastinating, do it today.

Where is the thermostat on a Skoda Felicia?

it is attached on the top righthand side of the engine block. it has hoses which feed the water tank.