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start by having the computer (PCM)troublecodes scanned. Autozone will do this free of charge.

2015-07-14 16:08:21
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Q: A 1996 Chevy Cheyenne has been backfiring which has caused the muffler to separate at the seams what is causing this?
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Will backfiring cause damage to a vehicle?

In extreme cases, it can blow the muffler wide open.

What causes a bad muffler?

A muffler going bad can be caused by many things. But generally, it is either contact with the ground causing a dent, oil burning causing sludge and residue in the muffler, or corrosion from age and moisture in the exhaust pipe causing a hole or the collapse of baffles.

Can a faulty muffler choke an engine causing it to sputter and stall?

A faulty muffler will not cause this but a clogged catalytic converter will.

What would be causing a knocking sound in your muffler?

A hole in the muffler would cause a knocking sound in your muffler. A loose exhaust pipe can also cause a knocking noise.

Can you still drive a car when the muffler falls off?

You drive a car without a muffler, it is not vital to the car's system. HOWEVER without the muffler the car is vastly louder, in some states causing you to receive a ticket

What is causing the rattle under your car?

Rattling noise is probably just a loose muffler, muffler pipe, or a loose heat shield that is hitting chasey or something else.

What is causing the rattle from the rEar of MY 1997 vw golf gti?

Check just in front of the muffler. The pipe that connects the muffler and the catalytic converter went on my 97 GTi, a portion of the exhaust system was sitting on a support causing a rattle sound when accelerating.

What is causing the rattling sound at the back of a 96 Z24 Chevy cavalier model?

Muffler Heat Sheild

How do you remove resinator in muffler?

the resonator is a separate part of the exhaust system not part of the muffler it is to change the tone of an engine sound some are mounted before the muffler and some after the muffler if you really want to remove it cut it off with a sawsall or chain cutter and weld in a piece of pipe or look at a aftermarket exhaust catalog many replacement pipes omit resonator's.

What makes neon sound like a motorcycle when going 20 MPH or higher?

check your exaust system including headers,pipes,cat if still on and the muffler there is a possiablity that the muffler A. has been damaged and has a hole in it or has a preformance muffler on it causing the annoying sound or C. the other parts have holes in them and are letting exsive sound pass out * it sounds as if a fart_can has been installed on it,take it to a muffler shop

What can the rattling from under my f150 be?

the muffler rattling? the muffler rattling? the muffler rattling?

You have a 1986 Ford F-250 351 windsor-the engine starts and runs fine but is blowing a lot of fumes out the tailpipe-low on power and has backfiring and flames out the tailpipe at night-new muffler?

check your timing

What is a rock muffler?

A Rock muffler (or silencer in British English) is a device for reducing the amount of noise emitted by a machine.Rock muffler - rigid silencer muffler

How is muffler use in sentence?

The muffler is at the end of the exhaust pipe and reduces the sound emitted from it. An example of a sentence using the word "muffler" is "The mechanic had to replace the muffler and a section of the exhaust. "

Craftsman leaf blower will not start with the muffler on it why?

The muffler is most likely clogged and will not allow the exhaust gases to exit the combustion chamber. Check the muffler for obstructions or replace the muffler.

Why does an engine surge and then slow sporadically and then stall on a 1971 Ford Taurus?

Stopped up exhaust.Cat converter is bad and blown back into muffler causing stoppage.

Why is your car emitting light fumes from the muffler?

Hole in the muffler.

How do you fix a very very loud muffler on a tecumsh riding mower engine?

Answer It could be that you need a new muffler. After so long the baffling inside the muffler can burn out. Also make sure that the muffler is not cracked or that exhaust is not leaking before it gets into the muffler. At the gasket between the muffler and the engine. Hope ths helps.

How do you repair a hole in the muffler on your 91 Chevy s10 truck?

If there is a rotted hole in the muffler please replace the muffler. However, if there is a small hole at the bottom end of the muffler it is there to allow water to escape.

What causes a car to get louder the faster I drive and How do you find out what is causing it without paying a lot of money?

you might have a problem with your muffler have a look at it and if its hanging then it needs to be welded back on but if its not then you just need to add a muffler cap to it to help muffle the sound even more you can get one a Auto Zone

How to fix Hole in rear bosal muffler 93 Honda civic cx?

i have a hole in my muffler right in the middle of the muffler how can i cover it

Would a hole in a 98 Toyota corollas mufler cause the car to feel like it wants to stall or like the engine is not getting enough power also is the muffler a single or three part system?

Because of condensation the inside of your muffler, the muffler will begin to deteriorate (rust) over time from the inside. This can and will cause holes in the muffler. Along with the hole (s) the internal structure of the muffler will eventually break apart and plug the muffler, preventing the exhaust gas and the pressure from the engine from exiting the vehicle. This will cause what is called "back pressure" on the engine, causing it to lose power. Extreme example would be "you push the gas pedal to the floor but the car will not go more the 25 miles per hour". I would recommend you have you muffler replace. That should solve your problem.

Why does your car have black oil come out of your muffler?

worn out muffler bearing

Muffler repair 91 topaz?

You don't repair a muffler, you REPLACE it.

What is a muffler?

A muffler is a part of a car that silences the noise of a vehicle's engine.